Saturday, December 24, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

Today we had for breakfast the selection by Bishop Byrnes of Mr. Adrian Cristobal to study Canon Law far away from Guam.

Our friend Frenchie wrotte: "Instead of being disciplined, he is rewarded", and Frenchie is right. Frenchie uses a rational criterion, he is guided by the premise that if someone acts in a wrong way, do not reward him. 

But Rome, it is Vatican, is not used to rational criterion to take decisions. Rome uses other criteria. One of them is "promoveatur ut amoveatur", as our italian friend, neocatechumenal former member, Sandavi, pointed in his commentary of Frenchie's post:

In Rome they call this "promoveatur ut amoveatur" give a promotion to someone having the intent to remove him. Usually works. Give trust to Byrnes, he will bring healing.

I agree with Frenchie and Sandavi as well. 

Let me copy here one of the best explanations of the "promoveatur ut amoveatur" I had just found. The original is in Spanish, here is the translation:

"Promoveatur ut amoveatur

This Latin saying refers to the custom of promoting some office to another more important but more useless so as to detract from practical influence. To put it another way, it's about getting a person out of a position in the only possible way so that it seems subtle: to ascend. Thus, the promoted would occupy an honorary status and would leave room for another more valid member. This is coupled with the so-called Peter principle, which states that each member of a hierarchy tends to be promoted to its level of incompetence, where it stops.

Usually used in bureaucratic terms, the Church also applies. Thus, certain priests with serious moral sins and public have changed of town or parish to dissipate the bad example at local level. On occasion, elevated to archpriest, diocesan vicar or even higher. If we observe globally, the Vatican is home to thousands of seminarians and clerics who finish their studies in the Lateran or Gregorian to many of these 'exiles'. Although the clean has begun, there are still customs of this type. What to say if one is promoted to the episcopal order or comes to receive the cardinality dignity, with the danger that generate news about the past. The Scottish O'Brien has 'suffered' it in his own flesh. And it is not good for the Church".

Anyway, I understand Frenchie. I agree with him. Maybe my attempt to explain the non rational "promoveatur ut amoveatur" should be done by Bishop Byrnes. But all of us know the Catholic Church is not worried about didactic. 

By the way, now Pope Francis does not like the "promoveatur ut amoveatur".

Have a nice Christmas time!


  1. I read the 1969 book The Peter Principle while a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy.

    I highly recommend it. I especially enjoyed the antidote part about “creative incompetence”, such as a well-respected teacher who always cashed his paychecks at least 90 days after receipt, so he would not be considered for a position in management. (Tougher to do in these days of direct deposit!)

    Merry Christmas to you, too, La Paz!

  2. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)December 25, 2016 at 3:14 AM

    Thank you, Lapaz. This is another excellent explanation on the culture of the high level governance of our Catholic Church. As you say, yes, the “promotion” of Presbyter Adrian seems illogical because we are used to the logic of “to the victor, belong the spoils” but in the culture of the Catholic Church governance this move is high stakes church governance at play. It is a slap in the face for Presbyter Adrian --- a swift one at that (only less seven weeks since into a new bishop taking office). Generally speaking, canon law dictates that an ecclesiastic should not be deprived of an office except when he has made himself unworthy of it. Yes, we at JungleWatch know that Adrian is unworthy of any and all titles he holds as a clergy member of the Church, including “priest.” But it looks like Abp Byrnes is using the mechanism of removal “ad nutum” (translation: “instantly”). This situation happens when a grave and just cause underlies a removal. But when a cause can’t be found, the practice of “promoveatur ut amoveatur” (loose translation: “let him be promoted to get him out of the way”) is used. But we know there is cause for Presbyter Adrian’s removal (and lots of them!) which can be taken up at a later time. His defrocking can still happen. But for the purposes of quickly getting him out of the archdiocese, off the island, this “promotion” to canon law school was given to him. Secondly, I will repeat one of my recent comments in a post from last week that, Abp Byrnes is doing a 2 Corinthians 10:5-6 where correction, like love, has a necessary place in his governance of the archdiocese; where discipline is necessary but is always careful to be shown with respect. And he did this with little grandstanding a la Matthew 18:15, Jesus told us that if we need to correct someone, we should first seek to do it in private. This is unlike the way Abp. Apuron, Fr. David-the-Lurch and Presbyter Adrian did in 2013 to Fr. Paul and 2014 to Msgr. James. By this “promotion” Abp Byrnes is acting on his right as bishop. He doesn’t need to give Adrian (or anyone else) a reason for this “promotion”. Adrian can appeal this decision to Rome, but he will have to show cause --- which will open up the can of his ugly worms (doesn’t this possible appeal process for Adrian sound like the reverse of Fr. Paul’s unjust situation in 2013? Karma at play). Lastly, what on the surface appears to be a “promotion,” “promoveatur ut amoveatur” is being applied here because I think Abp Byrnes is mindful that due regard for Presbyter Adrian’s honor must always be had even and especially in this situation where he is being basically punished. This is a very classy way to deal with a very ugly situation about one of his priests without dragging down the archdiocese to gutter level. Merry Christmas, Junglewatchers! Now it’s back to the Chamorro empanadas that I’m making for our Christmas celebration --- it’s a little bit Guam in our otherwise snowy Christmas Eve here in Seattle.

    1. correct Rose. Happy Christmas.

    2. I'll say it again. Yes, this is the normal way our sad church leadership hides its misfits, but that's not what's going on here. I'm hoping somebody gets it. Just waiting to see who will figure this out. But then you would have to have intimate knowledge of Adrian's history and seen the neocult evil up close as we have in Guam to really understand this. That's why Frenchie said what he said.

    3. If His Eminence could control access to the Guam NCW Cult presbyter factory over the duly appointed archdiocesan delegate, it would seem child’s play to pluck a proven “loyal” NCW Cultist from his troubles, for eventual future assignment in a remote, hard-to-fill, career-enhancing position.

      Not to mention, in Rome, Fr. Cristobal will be readily available to testify at the Archbishop Apuron canonical trial.

      Whether defending Brother Tony or throwing him under the bus, as the NCW Cult deems expedient, he will be duly rewarded.

      One more chess piece to be moved, along with Fr. Edwin “Pius” Sammut, O.C.D.

    4. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)December 28, 2016 at 11:12 AM

      LaPaz noted at the end of the writing that Pope Francis is adverse to the practice of “promoveatur ut amoveatur.” Here is an update. In Pope Francis’ annual December “greeting” with the cardinals and bishops of the Curia (Dec. 22, 2016) he spoke explicitly about the stop to the practice of “promoveatur ut amoveatur” as part of his reform efforts of the Curia. At this annual event he gives a speech similar to a “year-in-review” or similar to what we in the U.S. know as the “State of the Union” delivered every January by the U.S. President. Pope Francis includes the stop to “promoveatur …” as part of the 12 guiding principle for his effort at reform. He cites that professionalism within the Curia must be maintained: “Every Dicastery [“Department”] must adopt a policy of continuing formation for its personnel, to avoid their falling into a rut or becoming stuck in a bureaucratic routine. Likewise essential is the definitive abolition of the practice of ‘promoveatur ut amoveatur’. This is a cancer.” Now we can see why the Curia / Holy See has its own share of mess and corruption. If incompetent and unethical clergy and laity get promoted to the top to get them out of the way, “the top” therefore becomes populated with these incompetent and unethical folks --- and he has to work with them!

  3. It's called being Kicked Upstairs. The higher the position, the greater the incompetence. As the old saying goes: Only two things rise to the top. Cream and bastards.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  4. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)December 25, 2016 at 4:26 AM

    If he meant to be funny or ironic, I like Abp Byrnes’ humor in this “promoveatur ut amoveatur” move for Presbyter Adrian. If you will recall, upon Presbyter Adrian’s refusal to conform to the new priest assignments last August/September, he was a no-show in Umatac for a couple of Sundays after the new assignments were made public (and to this day!). In early October he sent a statement to the parishioners of Umatac explaining his absence from their parish. Tim posted that statement here in JungleWatch. One of the lines I remember from his statement is that Presbyter Adrian cited that canon law grants to pastors the right to due process with regards to transfer or removal from office. That statement infers that he is or has researched canon law to advance his cause that he should stay in Barrigada and Abp Hon was out-of-line for assigning him to Umatac. Ha! Now, with his new “promotion” to canon law school, he can thoroughly study canon law to see for himsel

  5. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)December 25, 2016 at 4:28 AM

    My computer froze and I'm not sure if the entirety of what I typed got in the comments, but here's the last line or two:

    Ha! Now, with his new “promotion” to canon law school, Presbyter Adrian can thoroughly study canon law to see for himself that Abp Hon transferred him to Umatac within the rightful terms of canon law! Ha!

  6. All of this assumes that it was Byrnes idea to send Adrian. It wasn't.

  7. if adrian fails a subject or two in the early part of the canon law courses, will he be allowed to repeat the course(s) that he fails in until he finally passes? or, will he be asked to drop out?

  8. Byrnes is a Vatican puppet who's angling for a Red Hat. Don't expect him to rock the boat.

  9. If there has been one thing that we should have learned by now, and apparently have not, it is the cunning calculation of the neocat dons, including the Red Pope. Believe me, this is NOT what it seems. I just can't say more right now. All I can say is that with each day my suspicions are confirmed. Whether I will choose to engage the next phase of the battle is something I haven't determined. One must wonder why bother when there is always the rush to support what appears to be the obvious. Maybe Guam deserved Apuron after all.

  10. Dear Tim, I totally agree with you, but you should know how Roman Curia works, we, as italians, having the Vatican as close neighbour, are used to their way of acting.
    It can be disturbing, or unacceptable, but sometimes this is the only way to bypass a powerful protector. Kiko has many powerful friends, even at the highest levels (Card. Muller, just to say one of them), i guess that it shouldn't be so easy to get rid of him. Pope Benedict, Card. Arinze... they failed, even being in a position of Great authority and power in the Church. To punish a simple priest belonging to ncw maybe it's not an easy task. I suppose that this move was the quickest and the easiest, even if clearly the not the right, move to do.
    Cristobal will never be bishop. The congregation of bishops will never accept his candidation, or as alternative they will send him in a distant place, far from Guam.
    Kiko, in the last convivence claerly defied the entire Church, stating openly that he would build a new "structure" in clandestiny, if necessary.
    Recently in a italian town named Gallinaro a group of false mystics founded a new Church after being excommunicated. Church took 20 years to take this painful decision, and there we are talking about 20.000 fauthfuls. Kikos can count on 1.000.000 adepts, 20 cardinals, two hundred bishops, 1 hundred seminaries, and thousands priests. A schism would be an enormous scandal and a bleeding wound, and Kiko knows this. He is smart, do not underestimate Kiko and his minions.
    I'm convinced that many people in roman curia are waiting for his death to take control of ncw. Remember that 1st of july Kiko and Pezzi had an audience with Francis and Kiko said nothing about it. I think that the Pope isn't so happy for Guam's mess.
    I pray for you, us, and wish you a Holy Christmas

  11. If AB Byrnes answers to Filoni Balony, whose to say that perhaps he is following direction from CDF. It appears that the NCW protectors in Rome have gotten this far and will not just give up their cause, their intent is to protect and further the NCW cause at all cost, and no hell nor high water will stop them. Who is to say that Adrian will not be sent to an NCW sponsored institution where a degree in Canon Law is handed to him. He will then show up as the next qualified VG. We've seen how cunning the protectors of this sect can be, they've operated undetected on our island for decades.

  12. It's all well and good how Rome thinks but on the local level this stinks. Adrian should be Laicized. That evil creature has no business being a priest and he knows it. Such filth coming out of his mouth in the form of lies and deceit and then he has no qualms about standing up at the altar and preaching to us sinners. Why should the local church continue to pay for this man? He is a waste of time and resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. Our Archdiocese must still have a lot in the coffers to be able to send disgustingly fat old priests to study canon law. They cant say oh no money while still sending a turd to study canon law. And for those that think he will enter triumphant back into the diocese with his cracker jack box Canon Law Degree and become Archbishop, dream on. How many years later and we are still celebrating the Liberation of Guam? Adrian should spare us all the trouble and tie a millstone around his neck and jump off the cliff for all the scandal and pain he has caused.

    1. Anon 12;39 PM. No need FOR ADRIAN to jump off the cliff....I'll be more than happy to drive him there than PUSH him off the cliff myself..