Monday, January 30, 2017

PDN: APURON'S TRIAL COULD LAST YEARS (NOTE: This is how they "do it.")

Vatican confirms Apuron trial; canon lawyers say trial could last for years

The Vatican has confirmed Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron’s canonical trial is ongoing, and some leading canon law experts said it could last for years.

Vatican policy dictates that only Rome can investigate bishops and archbishops who are accused of sexual abuse. CONTINUED


  1. And this is why the victims should SUE all those who have hidden these pedophile priests who have used the holy cloth to hide behind.

  2. Exactly what I said months ago. The Vatican will drag out this disgraceful travesty until Apuron reaches age 75. At that point, he'll be retired immediately and written off unpunished. The pervert will stay comfortably out of sight until then.

  3. The longer this "disgraceful travesty" drags on, the more opportunities will arise for apuron's name (and the Vatican's) to be dragged through the mud in the courts of public opinion, with the media (for their own selfish purposes) helping to water the dirt and turn it into mud.

  4. Can't forget Fr. Jose telling the congregation "Sooner or later we're all going to "DIE, Die, die". Are you lawyers going to be around when the verdict is made? Go ahead Vatican canon lawyers take all the time needed for Apuron’s canonical trial, and embarrass yourselves in the mean time. You see, I'm going to continue picketing with the other's because Our God is an Awesome God. He has the final say. Whether you're ready or not, I believe God will intervene before you all do. Patience? Picket? Sit and Wait?

  5. How much is Archdiocese paying to hire US law firms against victims? Who pays to fly them to Guam?

  6. According to Diana USA based attys will challenge the constituaion of the Law. Assume Diana thinks law is not constituational against constituation of United States.

  7. where is Fr.Luis Camacho
    Fr.John Wadeson.

    1. Maybe Hawaii. That was a favorite vacation spot for Wadeson and Apuron. They'd go there together. The late Abp. Ferrario's homosexual clergy network is still in place in the islands.

      Camacho and Harold might be there too. Hawaii has lots of lavish, high security private homes to comfortably hide in.

  8. Precautionary penalty: barred from Guam

    The principal fact I learned from this article is that the absence of Archbishop Apuron from Guam is part of a “precautionary penalty” imposed on him as part of the canonical trial.

    This corresponds to “conditions of release” in a criminal case under the Common Law system.

    We should refrain from uncharitable assumptions, such as that His Excellency was “hiding”.

    Meaning of “trial”

    This article should serve as a reminder about the meaning of “trial”.

    In the United States and Common Law countries (former British Commonwealth), we are accustomed to thinking of a trial as the relatively speedy culmination of a process -- taking place in a courtroom for a continuous presentation of evidence and argument, with few or no interruptions. The trier of fact may be a jury or judge(s).

    The pre-trial discovery process is not considered part of the trial.

    By contrast, in the rest of the world, the Civil Law version of a trial encompasses the “pre-trial” portion of a Common Law trial.

    With no juror logistics to worry about, a Civil Law trial or a Canonical trial can last for years, with extensive lengthy breaks or interruptions.

    This is a normal part of the process, and does not suggest any nefarious delay.

    1. Knock off the crap. The Vatican proved with the Wesolowski case last year that they have no intention of bringing pedophile bishops to any type of trial, canonical or civil. The risk of them publicly exposing other episcopal perverts is too great.

      Apuron is definitely hiding. Even if he does have to stay away from Guam, there's nothing to stop him from saying so and revealing his whereabouts. He's probably afraid of being harmed by pedophile-hunters.

    2. While there may be a "precautionary penalty" in place now, there was not when Apuron chose to run back in June. The bishops protect their own, but especially in Apuron's case. His case is tied to the wicked underbelly of the Neocatechumenal Way and their pervert protection program. Their may be some officious language being used, but he is being purposely kept under wraps not for the good of the Church in Guam, but because of the potential harm to the NCW.

    3. I think Tim's at 11.58 a.m and CNMI Lawyer at 10.09 a.m are compatible. I think Tim has highlighted the reasons uppermost in the authorities' minds in happening to coincide to some extent - for the time being - with "norms" which they would presumably vary if they wanted.

      Rule no. 1 - impersonate the wallpaper. Rule no.99 - impersonate the wallpaper.

      Sometimes, the more bad faction think it politic to not scare (outright) the less bad faction, however in a tiny minority the latter are.

      What I will say is that when accusations are of this nature the participants ought to give the matter higher priority over their other occupations - that would help send a better message, in part.

      The NCW system's "deniability" factor has backfired on them because both they and Apuron have laid bare the facts that they are not there at the service of bona fide bishops either in their own dioceses or in other bishops' dioceses - with or without their "consent" - (as all bona fide bishops everywhere admit privately in deep chagrin), they are not a bona fide movement, association or sodality, they are not a bona fide personal prelature, they are not a bona fide religious order, they are not a bona fide figment.

      In a number of individual cases they have kept certain individuals "warm" for a while - anyone that wields Scriptures does that for a while, for some people.

      Morcillo and his associates including Filoni's predecessors, and the likes of Myers, Hume and Murphy O'Connor, failed in their duty to give the leaders of this phenomenon proper mentoring and humoured the drive to open "RMSs" (if the "Way" was doing its own job properly it wouldn't need RMSs).

  9. This is the 21st century, the Church should keep abreast with the times. Mother Church is still in the Middle Ages.

  10. The institutional Church has no respect whatsoever for civil law. As a result, it has lost an irretrievable amount of credibility in the public's eye. Rome should take a page from its own Book and remember that pride goeth before a fall.

  11. I highly doubt that the dysfunctional Vatican will serve justice
    any time soon. It's a "boy's" club that will continue to cover
    one another's asses. What a sad day for our island. We can all
    march til hell freezes over and NOTHING will happen to Apurun.
    Perhaps attention should shift to closing down that fake seminary
    and putting pressure on Byrnes to place a moratorium on the NCW
    and their rotten fruits.

  12. 11:58PM is absolutely right.

    Byrnes should also sell Apuron's expensive house and move to a simple apartment. By living at the archbishop's palace in times of need, he looks as greedy and insensitive as Apuron. Hopefully, Byrnes will reject all of the tribute money Neocats and old church people try to give him.

    1. There is no market for the archbishop's residence as it is part of the chancery complex. No one would buy it. Cheaper to let Byrnes stay there than rent someplace else.

    2. Several US dioceses that were bankrupted by pedophiles sold their chancery buildings with a bishop's residence attached.

      The most recent sale of that type was in St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally valued at $6 million,
      the chancery/archbishop's residence combo was sold for around $4.5M due to its lakefront location. A historical society bought it. If the location is good, the building will sell.

    3. And that may be the case at some point. However, what is being proposed above is for Byrnes to sell the Chancery property because living in the archbishop's "palace" makes him look greedy. The chancery property is anything but a palace. In fact, the place is run down, thanks to Apuron's years of neglect. Better to sell the Yona property. We don't need it.

    4. I read somewhere St Paul-Minneapolis diocese moved into a sticky-tape factory!

    5. Dear Anon at 10.48, please refrain from unfounded statements.
      The Minneapolis/St Paul former Bishop's residence is not a lakefront property, it is located on Summit Avenue near the Cathedral. It is overlooking the downtown area and is located on the Bluff overlooking the Mississipi.

      It is located at the end of one of the nice avenue that crosses St Paul, and his known for its historical buildings.
      The Archdiocese has quite a lot of real estate investment in MN, and did not really need to sell that property. They decided to do so, more as symbolic value, rather than a cash generator.