Monday, February 20, 2017


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A few weeks back I wrote about the Evil done in our names. At that time, I warned about the need for discernment, cool heads, and the intelligence necessary not to be duped and/or distracted.

I underlined that even if we had had some nominal success in beating back the onslaught against our Church on Guam, we would need to be stronger and smarter to win the next battles.

I got quite a bit of flak from the crowd, that likes to speak and act before thinking, as well as from the little informed.

One of my old Philosophy teachers liked to remind us that the little informed are usually the most dangerous since they suffer from the delusion of knowledge, plus the need to demonstrate that they are indeed knowledgeable.

Unfortunately for our Church, the last two weeks were a perfect example of such an issue.

This is why, we need to review some of the latest events, that have affected directly or indirectly, our struggle.

Guam, once again became last week, the center of several controversies, but for reasons that we are not accustomed to.

Despite what some have suggested over the last few months, the case of the Trial of Archbishop Anthony Apuron , has been going on for a while.

There are several elements to understanding this trial that must be clarified for the public to really grasp what is truly happening.

Many of us have had a fake image of what a Vatican trial looks like. We understand the trial as being something similar to what we have in the traditional Anglo-Saxon common law tradition.

Several of our participants, including but not limited to CNMI Lawyer, have rightly pointed to that fact.

Let's attempt to make it easier for our lectors to understand how a trial for a Bishop works.

The congregation in charge of setting up and running such a trial is the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. In days past, it used to be called the Holy Inquisition.

There have been many outlandish claims regarding the Holy Inquisition. What we must comprehend for the sake of the case at hand is: that this is a tribunal which is set to discover by questioning (being inquisitive) to combat a great evil and/or an heresy.

It is usually composed of a panel of judges, with a presiding Cardinal or Archbishop, plus lawyers (canon ones) which are representing the defense.

There is usually a Notary to take notes and certify the proceedings.

The presiding Judge is also the prosecuting attorney for lack of better word.

In our case we have witnessed an extraordinary event, since we have been notified about the organization of the tribunal, and also we are aware of the names of the persons involved.

Now we have been bombarded by a sudden slough of information, much of which is incorrect, and/or out of context.

We have witnessed a lot of contradicting information, which mostly comes from the fact that we have two worlds, on a parallel, and by definition not intersecting path.

One is our secular system, in which the victims of Apuron have sought redress. The other one is the Church, with its long tradition of established and opaque process.

Because the Church is dealing with more than just its relations with the secular world, its goals and interests are sometimes at loggerhead with the goals of our secular world.

Here the question at hand, is to determine what crimes and heresies has Apuron committed, and of course what course will the Church take, should the Inquisition find him culpable.

This is where the LFM and CCOG protestors and  Cardinal Burke parallel paths actually intersect.

What some of us have known for a while now, is that the trial of Apuron, was being considered for other reasons, than the sexual abuses.

The accidental discovery by Mr Lujan that the Vatican Case is actually dated back to 2008, is just one of several other key pieces of information.

It confirms that the nuncios have been investigating Apuron for almost a decade, and that the Vatican had been made aware of the many irregularities Apuron had permitted for a long time. (I shall detail some of these at a later opportunity.)

This is where things really get interesting, and in many ways, clarify what is really going on for the last year.

All the evil Apuron had done for decades, had been catching up with him for the last several years. His abuse of Authority, his lavish lifestyle, and other serious evil doings had been on the radar of the last three nuncios. The savaging of the local priests, the acceptance of forbidden rituals, the blackmailing of the Filipino Priests had been the latest catalyst, but when the first sexual abuse victims started popping up, the pontiff could no longer ignore the facts.

This brings us to last year. The Pope tried to save Tony (and the Church) from further embarrassment,
by asking him to resign (through the nuncio channel, which is the official channel). Either by pride, or because his handlers would not let him, he refused.

This is when he was suspended of all activities, and when Archbishop Hon was appointed as administrator. When Hon, found out the extent of the mess the Agana Diocese actually was in, and with more and more victims showing up, he reported as much during his visit to the Pope during the fall. This was the last attempt by Francis to have Tony resign. Again, he refused, and stayed in hiding.

Days later, Cardinal Muller was instructed to open the trial. (October 2016) This is when Cardinal Muller chose Cardinal Burke as presiding Judge for the Inquisition trial.

We are now in the process of trying to interview victims. Many documents have already been given to the dossier.

One problem, is that Attorney Lujan, justly wanted to advise his clients. Not being a canon lawyer he cannot be authorized, to do so.

But in doing so, he also jeopardized the canonical trial. Finding a canon lawyer to assist his clients would have been a good move, but it did not happen. (there are civilian canon lawyers of great talent, which are not clergy, and would not be in conflict of interest.)

This is exactly what the Neos were hoping for. I will also come back later this week to address, some of the neos inane position regarding the trial. Please be patient, because it really needs to be addressed.

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