Monday, February 20, 2017


posted by Jose M.

Through rain or shine, or even no sign, we continue to protest against the evil that has been allowed to fester on our island.

This includes the on going battle to regain our Archdiocese even when the Neocatechumenal head catechist on Guam, Pius, allows this to be published on the "Insider's View:"

Like Grima Wormtongue, Pius "whispers" rumors and untruths in an attempt to divide this island's faithful even further.  

Through his other loyal catechists and responsibles, they have been sowing the seeds of discontent because they need a sickly environment in order to take over.  Look what they did to Barrigada, to Agat, to Chalan Pago, to the Cathedral.  Through the direction of the off island ncw cabal, Pius and his cohorts put on a facade in these "invitations" all the while dividing our parishes, our families and even our clergy to the brink by undermining the narrative.  Our "Theoden" became as sickly through the manipulations, and though his initial bad seed was planted long before the neo infected our island, they razed his land till it was barren. (Which is why Apuron is hiding out in Cali instead of in some lavish guest room in New Jersey - they just don't seem to have a need for him anymore).

What Pius and his heralds cannot seem to grasp is that while they rely on their forked tongues, anonymous bloggers and no name comments,  we have documents, testimony, and real people using their real names - the truth.  While they are busy rabble rousing, our protest is founded on real issues, chronicled events and numerous victims who decided they weren't going to take it any longer. Neither are we.  

So until our Archdiocese is free of the RMS, free of Pius and free of manipulating clerics, we will continue to be in front of the Cathedral Basilica peacefully and prayerfully protesting every Sunday morning; just like this Sunday.

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