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AnonymousMarch 29, 2017 at 5:07 AM
Tim,you say Walter,Doris and her son champ were the nails to Apuron's coffin..Can you please explain and help me understand this..All 3 of them testified including Roy and Roland. Now my question is what makes those 3 testimonies more credible than Roy and Roland...Sonny was the Victim in this case,His mother and Brother WERE only repeating what "Supposedly"' were said to them..How do we know they are actually telling the truth?..Sonny is dead but Walter,Roy and Roland are well and alive..I can understand you giving Walter the credit but you are NOT being fair here...Roy and Roland are the actual victims..All 3 men were Abused by Apuron NOT Doris and Champ..As far as I am concerned,there is a Big difference here..

If I had the slightest inkling that any of these accounts were not credible, I would have not gone out there in the media and invited Apuron to sue me. 
Rohr, who writes about the local Catholic Church on his blog site JungleWatch, said Tuesday he welcomes the legal action that the Archdiocese is planning, hoping that everything will be revealed in court. 
“Bring it on,” said Rohr. - Pacific Daily News, May 31, 2016

And let me be clearer still: I was then, and am still, the only person in all of this NOT to have any legal protection. I was then, and am still, a clear open target for Apuron and his millions of dollars of NCW-syndicate money. There is nothing protecting me but THE TRUTH. 

However, my bet, a bet on which I placed my entire life, was that the people I was standing up for would TELL THE TRUTH, and not just sit it out and wait for some money to come in. 

In the early days of this there was no promise of money and no law that would enable Apuron's victims to sue him. There was only the TRUTH and my belief that the TRUTH was so powerful that the public would be immediately convinced as well as Rome. 

Each of Apuron's victims said they only wanted the TRUTH to be known and that they wanted to face their perpetrator. This is why after each of them came forward, their accounts were immediately hand delivered, by themselves, to a church office. The accounts included a demand for justice. This is why when each of them recently received their letter from Rome, it stated: 

“As this Tribunal has been informed of your readiness to be heard in the above-titled case regarding accusations against His Excellency, the Most Reverend Anthony Sablan Apuron, O.F.M. Cap, at the direction of the Presiding Judge, I am forwarding to you his decree of citation by which you are called for said hearing.” 

The Presiding Judge was responding to THEIR REQUESTS TO BE HEARD because the Presiding Judge had received THEIR REQUESTS.

Now, remember, I am THE ONLY ONE exposed here. I went to bat for each of these people. I taunted Apuron into saying the stupid stuff that got him kicked out of here (the defamation stuff which was really written by Waldo). 

I did this all on purpose because up until the opportunity to file a defamation suit against Apuron, neither Roy, Walter, Doris, or Roland, had ANY LEGAL RECOURSE to protect themselves against Apuron. So I went out and provoked exactly that: an opportunity for legal recourse. The only problem was: I HAD NONE FOR MYSELF. 

Thus, for me, everything hung on Apuron's victims testifying at the canonical trial and giving the judge the stuff to take Apuron down. In addition, I had my own stuff, most of which is already public on this blog, but I wanted to make sure the canonical court knew it. 

I had so much confidence in everything that for months I hung myself out there with no protection. So when word came that no one was going to you get the picture?

Now, on to the testimonies. 

I said Walter and Doris' testimony put the nails in Apuron's coffin, not because their testimonies are any more credible than Roy's or Roland's, but because of the degree of severity. Roy and Roland were molested and both had the good sense to run. Walter (who was younger than Roy and Roland at the time he was violated) was slammed face down into the bed and anally penetrated and was too afraid to run. And it can also be determined from Champ Quinata's testimony about what his dead brother revealed to him, that the same had happened to Sonny. 

Any court would give "penetration" greater consideration for the severity of the violation. It has nothing to do with the truth. All told the truth. And, it also has nothing to do with how each person was personally affected by those wounds. It's simply an objective thing a court would look at. Thus, those two testimonies, and especially Walter's, would carry greater weight before a judge when it comes to convicting and sentencing Apuron.

Next, both Walter and Sonny had secondary "witnesses." In Sonny's case, his brother Champ's testimony is as close to an eye witness as you can get. Read it here. In Walter's case. He had the secondary opportunity to confront Apuron in Washington in the year 2000. Walter's detailed recall of this encounter lends a second layer of credence to his original account. And it may also be that Walter has offered the names of the hosts who held that party in order to verify that Apuron was there as well as Walter. 

I am certain that the person who wrote the above comment is a relative of one of the victim's who had up until now refused to testify. (As I said, two did.) But other than standing behind your relative at the press conference, I didn't see any family members of any victim out there on the street with me challenging Apuron day after day. 

Update: I have been made aware that all the victims intend to testify before the canonical court. Thank you. 

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