Wednesday, March 29, 2017


GUAM DAILY POST. Attorney: Sex abuse victims can hide identity

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS. 2 more clergy abuse suits filed

PACIFIC NEWS CENTER. Two more lawsuits filed against church naming former Guam priest

KUAM. Two more church sex abuse accusers brings total to 35


  1. An endless tragedy. It's probably a safe bet that every altar boy serving during Apuron's 30 years in office was raped by him or one of his protected homosexual pedophile priests.

  2. We pray for closure for those who should not have to suffer sexual abuse from these supposed "trusted" servants of God. Its still incomprehensible for many of us to think of the brutal rape of innocent boys who have had to suffer in silence all these years, and who did their best to have a semblance of normalcy in their emotional/psychosocial life. Justice needs to triumph, not necessarily through monetary compensation but in making sure these bastard priests who are still alive get jail time for their inhumanity. For those maniacs who have died, we trust that God will deal with them accordingly as they deserve.

  3. Just wondering where are all the female victims of sexual abuse in the archdiocese of Agana and why they are not reporting their abuse; or if they have, why we haven't heard about them yet. Growing up here on Guam, some of us have heard the rumors of wayward priests with roaming eyes and hands, (and possibly other body parts), who would (in similar m.o./fashion as the boys have reported) chaperone or accompany young ladies to various church functions with the permission of their parents. Some have even reported that there were some young ladies who ended up pregnant, sent off-island or raised their children with the help of their families who helped cover-up these dastardly deeds. I would think that this abuse would have been reported already. I am sure DNA testing could be used as evidence, although most of these priests are probably deceased or retired by now.

    1. Tim already told us of one woman who was raped by a pastor here on Guam decades ago when she was a teenager whose mother commented, "I told you not to go there alone." Obviously the mother had heard of other attempted or completed rapes. I wish this victim would come forward.

    2. One woman came forward recently. Hopefully, that will encourage other female victims. There aren't as many females because most of the pedophile priests are also homosexual. Reportedly, at least 80% of their rape victims are male.

      In contrast, there's a US case pending now against an 83-year-old laicized priest named Feit who is charged with murdering a beautiful young woman who came to Confession at his Rectory in the 1960's.

      Ironically, Feit later became Superior at the scandalous Servants of the Paraclete treatment facility in Jemez, New Mexico. The most notorious US dump for pedophile priests, it continually released the worst repeat offenders back into public ministry, causing all but one of their unqualified operations to be shut down. The only remaining one is an allegedly high security place near St. Louis, Missouri. Inmates there are considered so dangerous that they're under 24/7 guard.

  4. Marie Collins, the last member of Rome's child protection commission who resigned last month, was raped by a priest in Ireland.

  5. I'm a woman who had a bad experience with a priest I'd known since early childhood.

    The Pastor of my prestigious grammar school parish was one of the most famous priests in the US. His shocked live-in housekeeper told my mother that he often had sex with women at the Rectory. Mother believed the devout, elderly woman. I didn't because Monsignor was always thought of as the jolly Irish priest from whom I'd received my First Communion at an elegant Mass.

    I stopped by the Rectory to say hello to him during my senior year in college. The first thing the big, tall man did was grab my rear end and slap it hard. I was terrified and ran out of the Rectory, never to return. He died shortly after that. In retrospect, I should have sued for abuse, but that never crossed anyone's mind back in those days.

    We found out during the Los Angeles abuse scandals decades later that his Assistant Pastor whom we had known as kids was a protected pedophile stashed away at our parish by the very conservative archbishop. He and the Pastor were close friends. The deceased pervert's name is on Mahony's list for having committed two verified offenses.

    We kids were simply told that the pale, thin priest was ill with an unspecified respiratory condition and we weren't to bother him. He rarely did anything in the parish. We found out later that he was actually retired early and only said daily Mass for an Order of fancy nuns who ran a nearby prep school for wealthy girls. One of those nuns whom I met many years later remembered him well. They weren't told that he was a pedophile.

    When I returned to the area to care for a terminally ill relative ages later, another retired pervert was stashed at my former parish, this time by Mahony. He was an active homosexual Jesuit from a prestigious midwestern prep school who was hitting on teenage boys there. His name also appeared on Mahony's List. He was camouflaged as a friendly saint who said the Sunday Latin Mass. Thankfully, the old fraud is deceased.

  6. Under the ridiculous UCMJ, Plaintiffs in military rape cases can also remain nameless, even if they're lying.