Saturday, April 1, 2017


Ishizaki: Catholic Church must be transparent
Zol Székely · 
In my humble opinion, if there were some chances to come to a standstill in the controversies around the church, these chances were blown by a small, very arrogant and well organized group, gathering aorund the Jungle Watch blog site, that pushed forward a pre-meditated agenda with no regard to reason or basic decency.

At my testimony at the Legislature on Public Law 33-187 on August 1st 2016, I warned against inflicting unlimited damages on the Catholic Church. While I expressed my sympathy for abuse victims, I pointed out that a flood gate of open-ended litigations for reparation is a bad idea. More care should have been paid to the wording of the bill. But legislators did not heed this warning.

In addition, I internally expressed my displeasure with the handling of the Yona real estate property by the local leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way. Yes, it is true. The membership of NCW were not all happy about the questionable dealings around this nice piece of gift from a wealthy benefactor for a Catholic Seminary. But we could not make an impact from inside. Archbishop Byrnes had to use his authority to settle the issue. The Catholic Church has power to use with authority to reign in on waywards elements of any religius movement inside it purview.
Tim Rohr · 
LOL. Zoltan was the guy who started this all by calling me a liar on facebook. So I decided to tell the truth. The whole island thanks you, Zoltan...that is except of course, kiko zealots like you.

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