Sunday, May 7, 2017


Posted by Chuck White

Let's continue reading from the recently discovered Volume 6 of Kiko Argüello's secret catechisms, the Traditio Symboli ...Read more.


  1. Here is a great example of Kiko's half-truths. While it is true that life's tragedies can cause us to reflect and come closer to the Lord, Kiko clearly teaches that prayers for healing and relief are "using religion perversely." In Kiko's mind, Jesus was harshly criticizing the man with the epileptic son in Matthew 17, for the simple act of asking for healing on behalf of his son. Twisted rot.

  2. Carissimo Giuseppe, abbiamo tutti i mamotreti.

  3. Make your local bishops publicly condemn Kiko and his rotten NCW for publishing and promoting these heresies! Don't hold your breath waiting for Rome to do it.

  4. That is one of the parts of the "way" I missed!

    Half-truths sums up the entire "way", from start to finish.

    Sadly the whole of the churches, Catholic and protestant, has suffered a lot of institutionalised acedia since about the year 1200 - with pockets of people here and there who are exceptions - hence in so many places people join the "way" because they don't understand any better.

    Sadly the CCC takes a huge amount of sound background knowledge to be made proper sense of.

    Indeed there is very little chance for petitionary prayer in the "communities", hence it isn't modelled.

  5. I've got a hypothesis, based solely on the facts unearthed by your valiant researchers. While in Palomeras Altas, Kiko and Karmen could have met local people who were witnesses to "goings on" involving diocesan personnel, which would have been a motive why Archbishop Morcillo so quickly obtained for them a transfer to Rome where they fell into the hands of an army of "fixers". In this atmosphere Kiko and Karmen quickly got demoralised which is reflected in the tone of the way they have been speaking ever since, as well as the profile of (at least some of) the dioceses they target. Just my interpretation of the researches that's all!