Friday, May 5, 2017


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

After bishop's appetizer, full course meal for rabbis in Domus.

In Facebook they ask for neo prayers. They openly call this meeting "convivence". LOL.

Some of the cardinals who helped to heat the UFO-Domus some days ago, when Kiko celebrated his mini conclave with 200 herarchs, seem to be very adicted to kikotine, If not, absolutely impossible to endure again Kiko's Symphony of the Innocent...We can see some of their red kipás -ooops, sorry, red solideos- on the right side of the video image.

How will our eminences feel with the great image of Jesus in the cross properly hidden not to scandalize the amazing rabbis? Maybe our eminences, in full Paschal exultation time, even do park their daily mass as a deference. Maybe Kiko consoles them secretly at night with a shot of milk and honey, very good for caugh and even more if you drink it in the Promise Land.

NOTE: Remember rabbis do not pay a pence, neos of the world will do, Kiko just shows off.


  1. There is more activity on the NCW front because the heretic knows he is getting old, the death of his co-heretic last year has made him worry, for he knows that the NCW heresy will be eventually disband once he is gone (Acts 5:36-38).

    Note: Acts 5:39 does not apply to the NCW since it is a heresy.

  2. Kiko is 78 and he doesn't look healthy. He's guzzling too much caviar and vintage champagne with the bishops.

    1. With the amount of NCW $$$'s at his disposal he will have the best doctors to make sure he lives a long and "destructive" life.....