Thursday, May 25, 2017


Posted by Tim

I understand the losers at the other blog - having nothing else to do - are still trying to exonerate Apuron by re-condemning Fr. Paul and Msgr. James - which is where the avalanche that buried Apuron and his sycophants began. 

I'll be brief by restating what I stated at every CCOG village meeting - that even if all of the allegations against the two priests were true, Apuron's real CRIME was his public mistreatment of both. 

Diocesan priests are a bishop's "sons." His public mistreatment of both "sons" was the equivalent of father calling up the media to publicly humiliate his own child. 

THIS is what set people off and set the wheels in motion which led to all that followed. The faithful on Guam are forgiving to a fault. However, the one thing you don't do is air your family's dirty laundry, particularly in the secular media.

But this is precisely what Apuron did. Or did he? 

Actually Apuron did not do any of this. He did not demand Fr. Paul's resignation. He did not threaten him with a "more painful and arduous closure to (his) assignment" if he did not resign. He did not make the list of charges against Msgr. James. He did not force Msgr. James out of the Cathedral.  He did not publish all those accusations against Msgr. James in the media. And Apuron did not sign over the Yona property to the control of the Gennarini's. 

Nope. Apuron did not do any of those things. All of this was done by the evil steps sons, David the Villain and Adrian the Lame, at the direction of that witch of a man, Pius the Putrid. Apuron signed off on it all. And why? Because this filthy trio had Tony Boy by the $%#@. 

This was the plan from the beginning. This is why Adrian brought Pius and the neocats to Guam. David and Adrian knew of Tony Boy's history with boys. And just as Tony Boy used his predecessor's history to manipulate his own episcopal appointment, Adriana, with the aid of the filthy impostor, Putrid, had in mind the same. 

They almost succeeded. 

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