Friday, May 26, 2017


Cordial greetings to all,

Paraphrasing Vince Lombardi, success of winning a battle is in direct proportion to the amount of time and commitment demonstrated. We have shown our effort and commitment in our weekly picket every Sunday morning. And we are coming up to 48th picket Sunday.

We continue the battle to remove and defrock Apuron. Stay strong!! See you Sunday, May  28, 2017  9-9:45 a.m. in front of the Cathedral Basilica.

God bless us all,

Lou Klitzkie, LFM


  1. Come join a great group of dedicated people on Sunday morning. Breathe the fresh air. Pray the rosary while getting some exercise. Let the world know where you stand on this last remaining issue.

    If you need more motivation consider this possible headline:

    Anthony Sablan Apuron fully restored as Archbishop of Agana

    If this doesn't send chills down your spine nothing will.

  2. Andrew, I'm afraid that's what might happen because the Vatican has never ruled against an archbishop. As in pedophile Wesolowski's case last year, they'll see well known perverts dead first.

    Psychopaths like W and Apuron are extremely dangerous because they know where all of the metaphoric bodies are buried. If defrocked they can blackmail everyone from the top down, all the way back to their seminary days. Wesolowski's appealed laicization was secretly reversed.

    Worst case scenario: On specious grounds, Apuron will be exonerated by the canonical Tribunal but he will not return to Guam. At archdiocesan expense, he will retire early and honorably on a fake disability and live like a prince for the rest of his sorry life at your expense.

    1. My goal was APURON OUT. I could give a shit about what happens to him beyond that. There is still The Judgement.

    2. To Anonymous 8:53 AM,

      I understand what you are saying and that it is how the world works. At times it seems futile to protest and speak out when the odds are against you. But we must never shy away from the truth and the promotion of justice. If our efforts result in utter failure we can be comforted in the knowledge that we did what we could to clean up a terrible situation.

      And we march on!

  3. I agree with Tim Rohr Apuron out. Once he is removed From Guam that's all that matters. If he is given monthly five thousand USD a palace to live in so be it. He has been removed as Archbishop of Guam