Monday, June 5, 2017


"Our much loved Archbishop Anthony unfairly driven out by a mob." - so says Anonymous, June 4, 2017 at 11:26 AM over at The Diana and copied and reposted here on JungleWatch by another Anonymous.

The comment of course is laughable, but I couldn't help thinking about it as I read about today's saint, Saint Boniface, who, like Apuron, was first professed in monastic life and then consecrated a bishop. But the similarities end there.

Today's entry in the Divine Office says: "While preaching the Gospel to the Frisians, Saint Boniface was killed by pagans in 754."

What Tony's sudden disappearance tells us is that he is either guilty or a coward, and probably BOTH. In either event, he is no bishop. If Tony was a real bishop, he would have stood up to the (fictional) "mob."

Instead, he abandons the pathetic little sycophants like The Diana and his beloved neocat brothers, and hightails it to Papa where he begs for help...

....even though at that point (May 26, 2017), the only persons who had made allegations against him were John Toves and Roy Quintanilla. There was no mob. More than likely what Apuron saw was David Lujan. 

And after changing his underwear, caught the first plan to Papa. LOL.


  1. Not only did he change his underwear, he put on his running shoes and scuttled out of Guam. What happened to his testimony in KUAM that he would give his life for the faith? Is not the truth worth defending? But we've seen what the NCW does with sex offenders, they are quickly and quietly whisked away to avoid having to give accountability for their evil deeds. Cover Up, hide, sweep under the rug = persecution to the NCW.

  2. Janet B - MangilaoJune 6, 2017 at 7:37 AM

    Driven out by a mob? Hardly.

    The fact is the power to drive Apurun out came from prayers. Many people were praying for a resolution to this terrible tragedy.

    Not that people prayed that Apurun would be gone, they just prayed to God for aid. Apparently God heard and answered our prayers.

    Just as Jesus drive evil spirits out of infested people through the power of prayer, it looks like prayers for our Archdiocese has driven out the demon from Guam!

    The power of prayer that even an archbishop "wanna-be" could not deny or ignore.

    Poof - and Apurun is still gone. I say AMEN!

  3. Idiot Neocats are calling Francis a "mob". He's the one who rightfully kicked Apuron's fat ass out of Guam and suspended his public ministry faculties.

  4. I say his actions convicted him, His conscience knows that what he did was sinful, and the only recourse was to flee. He cannot face the truth. This is what sin does, instills fear into a person's heart, fear that drives one into hiding. Did not Adam and Eve, as well as Cain go into hiding also after the act of sin?

  5. SATAN!!!!! Because without a scapegoat you might have to take personal responsibility for your own actions,TIM R>>O>>H>>R

    1. you're Right, you are BORE-ing tin I think I'll go on Diana blog

    2. What's wrong Anon @2:56 cant accept the truth that Apuron's abuse of boys is sinful? No scapegoat will help you, not even calling out the name of your father satan. you will not receive forgiveness no matter how many times you echo this in your community.

    3. Yep 5:38. That's your intelligence level. So run along now. However, you'll be back. Just like you are back now to see this comment. I absolutely control you. I force you to come back to my blog over and over and over. I rule your life. I make you waste it. Not there is much to waste.