Wednesday, June 28, 2017


LOL. The Kiko's are going mad over trying to figure out who is the "priest-leaker." They have no clue. Do they think I'd be so obvious as to work directly with Msgr. James? BTW, Diana, do you know how we got a copy of the recording of your convivance? Was Msgr. James there? LOL.


  1. With the way the archdiocese has handled things and coadjutor archbishop Byrnes saying there will be transparency, it would be stupidly foolish to hide any discussed financial meetings or the reassignments of priests. The neocult loves the secrecy yet they can't admit that it was the secrecies that brought the diocese down. Many years of secrets have been finally opened. Peoples hard earned monies generously given only to be squandered by the evil decisions of brother tony and his stupid gang of puppets.

    It hurts to see the archdiocese in a financial death spiral but maybe this is what it takes for the coadjutor archbishop to take a stand and finally rid the diocese of idiots like Quitugua, cristobal, that fist bumping monkey edivaldo and the rest of the Diana's leeches. They love celebrating at hotels at the expense of the true Catholics and for years there was no accountability.

    I say all meetings within the diocese should be recorded and audited and reports made publicly. Then either rid these half baked neopriests or send them back to real schools and vette them to see if it is truly their calling.

    Stop the money till these transparencies are implemented and brother tony is DEFROCKED and not retired. At his age, let him try to find a solid income without a nice pension from the Catholic diocese. He has shown no remorse or sympathy for any of the victims and it should be God who he will face ultimately. But with his position, a true honest leader wouldn't of abandoned the injured flock but would've at least faced them and comforted them. A true innocent leader wouldn't of ran but would've prayed for the victims rather then be selfish and only asked for prayers for himself.

    I get that we all need prayers but a selfish brother tony was really a hypocrit and stupid.

  2. Poor Diana: as pathetic as ever.

  3. Tim, can you tell us what is the purpose of arrival of Pint size?

  4. Pint size priest from Detroit with Archbishop Byrnes.

    1. LOL, he will be the newly appointed rector at RMS! Why are you asking ? If you want to know ask AB Brynes! SMH!