Thursday, June 15, 2017


Posted by Tim
It's time to take a serious and sober look at what we are really after - or at least what I am after. My goals have always been twofold:

1. Expose Apuron and the evils he perpetrated - with the aim of having him removed as Archbishop of Agana.

2. Expose the machinations of the leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way, first within our diocese, and beyond that, the rest of the world. 

While I would also like to see Apuron "defrocked," that was never my aim. "Defrocked" became more a battle cry for the desire of many to have Apuron punished for his demonstrable wickedness.

With talk of a forthcoming conclusion of Apuron's canonical trial, I believe that the most we can hope for from the Vatican is his removal from active ministry in the Archdiocese of Agana. As has often been speculated, he will be made to retire to a so-called "life of prayer." 

Make no mistake, this is still a verdict of "guilty" even if the Vatican won't call it that. If they say anything, it will be more along the lines of he has "lost his ability to lead," or something like that. In fact, any mention of sex abuse will probably be avoided. The Vatican will default to "lapses in administrative decisions." 

We have to understand that this is simply what it is, while at the same time, recognizing that we have accomplished our goal which at its most basic has always been: APURON OUT!

On the civil front, I am hoping that Apuron's victims and Attorney Lujan will NOT settle out of court. While charges against clergy who are either dead or dead broke, out of court settlements are going to be better for everyone. 

However, the charges against Apuron MUST go to court. And the reason is not just so that the victims can find justice, but also because of what we can learn through depositions from the likes of Cristobal, Quitugua, The Waldo, Apuron himself, and maybe even the "Dakon."

There is good reason to believe that a lot more than just the covering up of decades-old sex crimes was going on. And now that Quitugua has been elected to the Presbyteral Council by his peers, and personally appointed to the College of Consultors by Archbishop Byrnes, it will be all the more fun to see him squirm on the stand. 


  1. better be honest and forthcoming when on the stand "or face a more arduous and painful closure to your career." Lol.

  2. I say SUE the pants off all these neoworshiping knuckleheads and expose their sick agendas that they've hidden for decades!!! STOP the funds till properly vetted responsible people are in place.

  3. If the Vatican is going to cover up for Arch. Apuron and send him to "life in prayer" this saddens me and it hurts. It's like the Vatican calling the Victims "liars" all over again ..

    1. If the Vatican defrocks Apuron, Apuron would be free. The Church would have no control over him. And he could become very dangerous. By not defrocking him, the Church maintains its authority over him and can control where and how he lives. The only thing that matters to us is that he not be permitted to remain in charge of this diocese.

    2. To me, you bring up some very interesting points:

      (1)Removal of Apuron as Archbishop of Agana [via defrocking him per the wishes of most within the Catholic community, not just as punishment but also as stripping him of his status within the clerical state, as bishop and as priest]. A mere “slap on the wrist” following a guilty verdict of his canonical trial – which is almost sure to happen – is a “slap in the face” to the Catholic Faithful of this archdiocese. If the “wrist punishment” (life of prayer, penitence and luxury at the same time) is going to be the end result of his personal crimes against individuals and his overall betrayal of the Faithful that he was ordained to shepherd – despite the almost year-long pickets against him – then woe to the parties of this type of closure: from the Canonical Trial members all the way to the very top leader of the Catholic Church: Pope Francis.

      Why? Because this hiding of clergy misdeeds by guilty churchmen goes all the way to the very very top. Shame on Pope Francis if he doesn’t step in and administer true justice! He knows about Apuron, but only gives token concern! “Zero tolerance” is what he always brags about clergy sex abuse, especially pedophilia! He should change his slogan to “zero concern”. An old TV series (Hogan's Heroes) had Sgt Schultz saying "I see nothing; I hear nothing; I do nothing". Pope Francis should put Sgt Schultz up for canonization!” (I say this in jest, of course!)

      2)”Expose the machinations of the leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way, first within our diocese, and beyond that, the rest of the world,” you wrote. It's been said many times before that until such time as the NCW is uprooted and gone from our archdiocese for good, it will come back to haunt us again! You have more than eminently exposed the heresies and evils of this sect – yet they are still here, churning their cauldrons to adhere to their sect/cult!
      Whatever resulted out of Fr Paul Gofigan’s Feb 14, 2017 letter to the NCW leadership to “cease and desist” at the Cathedral Basilica? We never publicly heard if they complied or not! There was a deadline set for Ash Wednesday to respond. Did they ever comply, or did it go in one ear and out the other?
      And whatever resulted out of Archbishop Byrnes’ similar admonition to them, actually a pastoral letter? I understand they (NCW) are still around, and doing their thing! – as if defiantly saying “We will not obey!” – just like Kiko wrote to the Pope in defense of his religion!
      You see, the root is still here, and unless it is uprooted it will sprout up again.

      3)On the clergy sex abuse issue again, you wrote: “On the civil front, I am hoping that Apuron's victims and Attorney Lujan will NOT settle out of court. While charges against clergy who are either dead or dead broke, out of court settlements are going to be better for everyone. However, the charges against Apuron MUST go to court.” I agree.

    3. The issue is: What can really be done to Apuron? Defrocking will mean nothing to him. And more so, it will set him free from all authority. The civil court at most can find him liable, but never guilty. The most we can hope from the civil court is what we could learn about the other bad guys. No. The best we can hope for is his removal from the diocese and let God take care of his punishment.

      As for getting rid of the neo's, that's not going to happen until people are willing to do it at the parish level and confront their pastors. But that's not going to happen. The neo's know how to go underground and wait us out. They know that there aren't enough courageous and persistent people to ever uproot them.

      This is why 99.999% of the comments on this blog are anonymous. So they're here to stay. Unless....

    4. A couple dozen picketers at Sunday Mass at each neocat parish would be a good start.

    5. Great idea, Bob! Expand the picket approach to Barrigada, Chalan Pago, Asan, Tamuning, and other parishes where them Neo "pastors" are leading the flock but into the wrong corral. Strike while the iron is hot! It was and still is an effective tool! Encourage Lou and her LFM crusaders to launch the same approach in these parishes. Goal: Get those Neocats out of the Prysbeteral and Consultors councils, and eventually the NCW out of our archdiocese. The voice of the people - right in their faces - is the only language they understand! If Byrnes won't (can't) get them out, people power will!! Remember when Hon told his flock at the Cathedral "this [picket] will be gone in 2 weeks!" Where is he now?? Let Byrnes take heed of the prophecy of Hon! Ain't over till it's over.

    6. I don't think making his wife work harder is what Bob had in mind.

    7. 11:09 PM: a couple dozen parishioners from each parish, homemade picket signs and an agreed upon assembly time is easily doable by those Catholics suffering twith "presbyters" in neocat parishes. Otherwise, the principle is: you get what you will accept.

    8. Each Neocat parish should form their own picket line with their parishioners who are fed up with the terrible pastoral care these Neo presbyters did out. Some of them are never in the parish during the week. They are assigned there, say a mass each day, and several on Sunday, but other than that they are probably up at the Yona property enjoying fellowship with their fellow presbyters, or taking advantage of the hospitality of their community members. Pickets should read: Pastor-OUT! NCW-OUT!

  4. Which one of the four pictured here presented a father of his baby's baptismal certificate that was forged. #1 2 3 or 4.

  5. Once upon a time in the Archdiocese of Agaña there was an Archbishop or was it an Arse-bishop.

    I'm confused, please help me, should I join the NCW to be enlightened.......

    1. That would be a strong negative. As current history certified, upon joining ncw you will be further off the deep end, you will lose your property and your children's inheritance, you will be treated like a disobedient child, you will be alienated from your family, you will have to endure half-baked presbyters, you will be made to confess your sins in public to use as leverage should you decide to leave the cult, you will be lied to and will learn to lie for your "irrresponsibles" for appearances' sake, you will lose your brain, you will need a lot of black trash bags and debit cards, so many cons (both meant as thugs and "against") against this organization that masquerades as "Catholic" and "benevolent." If you want to destroy your life and lose your independent thinking, if you rather like the idea of others to control your destiny and that of your children, go ahead and be a kikobot. I shudder to think about the outcome of your joining this group. At least, though, you will find comfort in belonging to the throngs who shout, "Heil, Kiko" upon every step you make. Friend, choose wisely, even if you meant only facetiously.