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LOL. Looks like Trick Little Dick is at work again. Pathetic. Right, Diana? ROTFL. 

LOL. Just tell Diana to "produce the document." There isn't one. No mention of a donation for Redemptoris Mater Seminary was ever made. Mother Dawn Marie brokered that "donation," and she clearly stated last November that it was never the intent of the donor, the Carmelite Community in St. Louis, to dedicate that donation to RMS:

MOTHER DAWN MARIE (Nov 14, 2016):

"...a lot of attention has been given to the property in Yona which now houses the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. When the relics of St. Therese made their wonderful visit to Guam, the Carmelite nuns went out of the cloister and to the Cathedral to meet the relics there. I happened to meet Msgr. David and he told me that in the absence of Archbishop Apuron that he had a difficult decision that had to be made quickly. And that decision was about the property. 

I do not know who were the persons who found about the property, who secured the loan, anything about the archdiocesan finance council and their hand in it. I do not know any of that. What I knew was that the Carmelite nuns devote their lives in loving prayer in the heart of the Church and our focus is prayers for the priesthood. So realizing there was no opportunity to form priests from Guam I took a great interest in the archbishop's direction of acquiring the land to start up whatever kind of a seminary would be a help for Guam. 

I had a chance telephone conversation late at night with archbishop. And he told me that the loan had been secured. It was considered a sweetheart loan from the Bank of Guam and that the interest would be 15,000 U.S. dollars per month. Well living in Malojloj, and understanding how life in Guam was lived very simply down there, I understood that $15,0000 a month would be a lot for the archdiocese. 

Thinking of how we could advance the project, I have a lot of associates in the Carmelite monasteries in the United States. I have a position there that allows me to know a lot of people. And so without saying anything to archbishop, I picked up my phone and called to the states. And as the good Lord would have it, I very easily secured the entire amount of two million dollars for the purpose of the Yona property. 

So for all the writing and who is this shadow person, and even some of the documents that Fr. Pius had written said that "he is the donor," and "he is still alive, " and "he may cause a law suit," THERE WAS NO "HE!" It was a SHE and it was ME. So, the truth of where the money came from - it's as easy as that. 

I didn't want to engage myself any further. I want to preserve my quiet life in Carmel, the cloister. So I didn't admit any of my ideas, what I thought should be done with the property or what I thought the seminary should become. My only idea was my clear thought was that the property belonged to the Archdiocese of Agana. We knew that it would be for the education of priests. We knew that. 

We never said anything about the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. We didn't even know anything about that entity. We never said anything about the San Vitores Theological Institute because it wasn't even created at that time

Already, more than a year of people blogging and talking and being upset and all kinds of legal action taken and accusations, all of this, I'm still knowing in my heart that I have this truth. So since the Carmelite nuns will be leaving and the nuns are not here. All this time my hesitation was to respect the process and I also wanted to protect the community from any repercussions that would be negative for the community. 

So at a certain point I thought let's see if we can do more about it because obviously the land was NOT being used for the purpose for which we gave it

So when it became public about the Deed of Restriction, I happened at the same time to be going to one of my council meetings in the United States. And I went to this very community which had given the money. And because we're friends, I was sitting in the Mother Superior's office in the afternoon and we were just chatting. She was opening her mail and we were just talking, and I was over here, she was at her monitor, and she said, "Hey, come over here. Here comes an email from your archbishop." So I just rolled my chair over and we both sat there and looked at the email from Archbishop Apuron. 

Archbishop Anthony Apuron had asked the sisters who had given the gift to to say that they had purposely earmarked that gift for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and for the San Vitores Theological Institute of Oceania. 


We immediately followed up with forwarding that letter to the Nuncio in New Zealand and it was immediately forwarded to Rome. And after that, we immediately submitted everything to the attorney in St. Louis. The attorney reviewed everything. Our response was very simple to say that we could not admit to what he wanted us to do BECAUSE IT WAS A LIE. So the attorney in St. Louis said that we certainly could litigate, but being Carmelites we probably would not want to do that. And we left it at that. 

When I came back, I still wasn't finished with it. I made an appointment with Archbishop Apuron. We sat this close as we are now (to the press). And I asked him. I said "Archbishop, why did you send that letter indicating that we had donated that property and allowing for the Deed of Restriction when you know it was not true?

He reacted (raising hands), "I'm not the one who did it. Pius and they did it. They framed the letter." 

It's a little bit dramatic isn't it, that I would be on the other side of the world, sitting right at the desk, when that letter came in. So, it's too bad, I guess, that "Fr. Pius and they" framed that letter, because the nuns in the states completely denied it

We sent the letter back saying that we were not aware of those entities nor would we have ever given, and we don't appreciate the Deed of Restriction in perpetuity put over the property in Yona

Pretty toxic environment for the nuns to live in. Because the gift was an anonymous gift from the very beginning, that anonymity was not respected by the archbishop. Very soon many people knew, and misunderstood that the Carmelites in Malojloj had donated the two million dollars. The Carmelite community in Guam has never even had a savings account. We have our checking account, like anybody else we want to make sure that it covers the bills. So it did us a lot of harm that he didn't keep the anonymity of the gift.  And I told him that. But that's all water under the bridge. 

So I want to thank Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai for helping us to the point where we are now. And we're going to continue to have to pray with each other for the future of the archdiocese of Guam. At some point, when you've fallen down so flat there's only one way to go and that direction has to be up. And I know that. 

So let's just say that it's not even going to be a new chapter, that it's going to be a whole new era when Bishop Michael Byrnes arrives and the Carmelites, even though they will be in California, they still will be the Carmelites of Guam and we'll certainly be praying between now and the future for the archdiocese and all the people of God in Guam. Thank you.


  1. DianaNovember 21, 2016 at 8:54 PM---Dear Anonymous at 8:19 pm, The email correspondence was taken at the time she was alive.
    AnonymousNovember 21, 2016 at 11:32 PM---Oh okay that makes sense. So the email was definitely sent by Mother Maris when Mother Maris was alive? And not when she was dead correct?
    DianaNovember 22, 2016 at 7:28 AM---Dear Anonymous at 11:32 pm. That is correct.
    DianaJuly 22, 2017 at 1:09 PM---Dear Anonymous at 12:41 pm, Yes. Some of the properties were donated to the Archdiocese by some of the families in Guam. If I am not mistaken, a property in Barrigada is one of them. The families who donated the property can sue the Archdiocese if their wishes are not honored. That is up to them. Since Mother Stella is still alive, she can also sue the Archdiocese if she wants.

    Blessed be Mother Stella Maris for being alive all along as the diana and doc rick wanted us to believe she isn't . May Archbishop Byrnes step in and put an end to this embarrassing, shameful, and humiliating false statement done unto Mother Stella Maris.

  2. Most if all of the material assets "owned" by the Archdiocese of Agana have their origin somewhere in a gift. But none of that matters. The Archdiocese is being FORCED to sell these properties to settle the sex abuse cases that the neocat regime of Apuron, Quitugua, and Adrian long since knew about but tried to hide. If the Archdiocese does not sell the properties, the court will take over and sell them for the archdiocese. Gennarini foresaw this which is why he set up RMS as he did and got Apuron to convey title to the Yona property to his control in 2011.

    1. Pius and Gennerini, rare geniuses! Devils