Saturday, July 29, 2017


Posted by Tim

I can't help it. The Diana is really too much fun. She is simply ASTOUNDINGLY STUPID!!

LO-FREAKING L! Ummm, no Diana. The clock on the statute of limitations began to run on November 22, 2011 when Tony the Thief recorded the THEFT (aka Deed Restriction) at the Department of Land Management...

See full document here

...which is why I used the exact date 5 years later as the expiration of the statute of limitations and NOT Sept. 7. Geez. LOL. SMH!

And the so-called "minutes" you refer to were NOT minutes, you idiot. It was the agenda for the meeting, actually just the "proposed" agenda! Or don't you know the difference: LOL. SMH!

See full agenda here

And, the statute of limitations is imposed by the laws of the Government of Guam, NOT the minutes or the agenda of a freaking board meeting. LOL!

§ 11207. Entry on Real Estate.
 No entry upon real estate is deemed sufficient or valid as a claim, unless an action be commenced thereupon within one year after making such entry, and within five years from the time when the right to make it descended or accrued. 

Damn, you're dumb Diana. But then you're a Kiko. No surprise. 


  1. A fetid, festering bog?
    Not quite, just Diana's blog.
    You have to admire
    The slimy quagmire
    Where logic is lost in the fog.

  2. That wss indeed stupid. Wow. Who writes these things for Diana.

  3. Who is this NCW Diana stooge? A priest?

  4. As I've said before, "can't fix stupid". But "stupid does as stupid thinks"... Stupid Diana's believe stupidity.

  5. Diana is just catering to the needs of the communities. They do not care a damn what the reality actually is.
    They just are spinning a fable for their troops around the world.
    It is an old communist tactic. Genarrini, the "former" radical leftist
    Is very well versed on the subject.
    It is their version of identity politics. They are just trying to define the debate in their favor.
    This is very similar to what the Democrats are attempting to do to Trump.
    Do not underestimate their resolve and viciousness. We have already demonstrated how low and vile they are willing to go...

    1. Frenchie as always is right on target. The KAKA Filled NEO CULT Dungbat is at it again spreading its lies about the NEO CULT HALF BAKED Presbyter Factory being a Corporate Sole...LMAO 😂

      DianaJuly 30, 2017 at 10:12 PM
      Dear Anonymous at 9:28 pm,

      I have already proven that a seminary can be a corporation sole with a Board of Directors. St. John Seminary is a corporation sole with the Archbishop of Los Angeles as the corporate sole. See the weblink below:

      There is the evidence. A seminary can be a corporation sole. RMS is also a corporation sole. So, you see...Rohr was wrong when he told you that ONLY an Archdiocese is a corporation sole.

    2. Even if a "seminary" in California could be a corporation sole (it can't because corporation sole are actual persons), the laws of one state cannot be imposed on another. Guam has its own laws, and a corporation sole is defined as follows:

      § 10102. Religious Corporations. Corporation sole.
      For the administration of the temporalities of any religious
      denomination, society, or church, and the management of the estates and
      properties thereof, it shall be lawful for the bishop, chief priest, or presiding
      elder of any such religious denomination, society, or church to become a
      corporation sole unless inconsistent with the rules, regulations, or discipline
      of his religious denomination, society, or church or forbidden by competent
      authority thereof.

      A corporation sole is an actual person (the religious leader) NOT, an institution.

  6. I think the Dianas may need a trained lawyer..wait a minute ..maybe