Thursday, July 20, 2017


On June 10, 2017, in response to a request by the PDN for a Sunday Forum topic, my contribution was published under the title "Why are so many Guam males killing themselves?" Chuck White, someone who knows a lot about this topic, made a contribution in the comments. And then, The Zoltan, vomited all over himself:

Zol Székely ·

Oh, yeah? The new target of the Timmy-Chucky duo is the woman beast who marries the XY chromosome only to divorce, destroy and deprave him of financial recources, thus swirling the unsuspecting poor guy into hopeless suicide. Lol!

Never mind depression, poverty, drugs and an overall feeling of hopelessness caused by social insensitivity. Where is genuine solidarity among members of the society? The abyss between the poor and the rich is getting wider by the day denying any chance to the underprivileged to make ends meet. 

How about the shark lawyers who make themselves fat on the misery of the Catholic church? What a successful endeavor you gave them, Timmy-Chucky, you may pat yourselves on the shoulder! The same lawyers have made themselves rich on the misery of male divorcees by getting them out of their wealth in the name of justice. Capisce?

Ah yes, the REAL FRUIT of the Neocatechumenal Way. Bye Zoltan.

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