Monday, July 31, 2017


Alexander Chen ·
If there is not sufficient evidence and Apuron is found innocent, will the haters stop hating? or will they demand to burn him at the stake in their witch-hunt?
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Tim Rohr ·
Evidence has already been found to be sufficient, first by Archbishop Hon, the Vatican appointed administrator who went to Rome to demand Apuron's resignation, and now Vatican appointed coadjutor bishop, Archbishop Byrnes, who publicly concurred with Hon. Two bishops say Apuron must go.


  1. It would be a huge mistake for the Vatican to turn a blind eye or even give a slap on the wrist with all the evidence and testimonies given. But hey, Diana was right last year when she said that the jungle should write to the Vatican because the jungle did better by holding weekly Sunday protests. Surely the Vatican listened. Plus Diana loved to say there were just a few elderly people protesting but those FEW showed more determination and faith, with the help of the rosaries, then ANY neo who only criticized them for what they believed in.

    1. Just goes to show that a few people, even elderly people, who are willing to stand up and put their name and face to their convictions, can accomplish far more than a cowardly pseudonym. If nothing else, The Diana has shown us exactly what Christianity is NOT.

  2. In answer to Alex Chen of NEU: Dude, your university choice even rhymes with who you had become. To burn him at the stake would be too easy, perhaps cut off what is left of brother ton's testicles in public might be more fitting. Seems he gave most of his dinky ones on a silver platter to kiko arguello (not in the customary black trash bag this time).