Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Posted by Tim

If your eyes lit up, you're not alone. I thought "WHAT!!!" Really? At last news about Apuron's canonical trial?? Breathless, I read the story. Alas, FAKE NEWS, or at least an extremely irresponsible headline. 

There is/was NO "hearing for Apuron's canonical trial!" Rather, the August 4, KUAM story is about the hearing held August 7 by U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan on the local cases. 


I've had a normally friendly relationship with the local media, but from now on I am not going to hesitate to call them out when they either get it wrong, or simply make up facts. 


The PDN, despite a decent story for USA Today, completely lied about their role in "investigating" and "unearthing" "decades of assault, manipulation and intimidation of children reared on this remote, predominantly Catholic U.S. territory. " 

Other than show up at press conferences called by the victims and their supporters and obtaining copies of lawsuits already filed in court, the PDN investigated and unearthed NOTHING! And in fact SHUT US DOWN when we tried to get them to simply let a letter to the editor be printed about something they should have actually "investigated" and "unearthed:" the scam "worked out" between the AG and the "trained lawyer."


Feeding off the bait thrown them by SNAP, KUAM ran with another breathless story about the accusation against Fr. Justin Wachs. KUAM is welcome to feed on whatever gutter trash the discredited SNAP gives them, but they are NOT welcome to their made up facts. KUAM reports:
While we wait for a judgment from Rome, it's recently been revealed that one of Apuron's investigators stands accused of sexual harassment.
Wachs is NOT one of "Apuron's investigators." He is a notary whose only job is to obey the orders from the actual investigator who is Cardinal Burke. Also, Wachs does not "stand accused." The accuser is anonymous and did not take any civil action. For that matter, The anonymous Diana "accuses" me of crap every day. LOL. 

Pacific News Center made the same mistake:
Father Justin Wachs, one of the investigators from the Vatican who worked on Apuron’s sex abuse case...
The PDN was more careful: 
A off-island church official involved in the ongoing canonical trial of Guam Archbishop Anthony Apuron...
And by the way, this is one of the rare moments when the trained lawyer and I are on the same side:
"This is yet another tactic to undermine the intensive and rigorous efforts that the Vatican has undertaken to determine the truth," Terlaje said. She added that Wachs' role as a notary does not involve him making decisions in the Apuron canonical trial, and he only records statements from the accusers. (In the PDN.)

Discrediting themselves even more, KUAM called up Patrick - "I probably would have stayed a priest if I had been smart enough not to follow the fucking law" - Wall who works for the Catholic Church super-hater, Jeff Anderson, who, as expected, used KUAM to attack the Vatican process, which does nothing but hurt our chances for getting rid of Apuron as I wrote about here.  (The Wall-Anderson-SNAP connection is beginning to sound suspicious. I'll tell you why later.)


Sorry, folks, but it looks like if you want the REAL news, your only REAL source is JungleWatch. As you are aware, we make sure to devastatingly document each and every statement, something some in the media simply don't make time for. 

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  1. Sad how these news reporters seem to take credit for reporting what was already discovered by tim, bob and the CCOG. That's how investigating journalism has turned out to be. Rather then give credit to where credit is due, these reporters assume that credit for themselves.