Monday, August 7, 2017

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Casteix, SNAP bad for Guam

Joelle Casteix and SNAP (a support group for victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings) are bad for Guam. After doing absolutely nothing to either help expose clergy sex abuse on Guam or to help a single survivor, Casteix and SNAP suddenly want to dictate the terms of our local fight as if we need them. We don’t!

From the outset of the announcement of Apuron’s canonical trial, Casteix has been going nuts trying to discredit everything about it. That’s dangerous. That’s bad for Guam. And here’s why. CONTINUED


  1. Why is Joelle Casteix meddling with Guam? She knows nothing about it.

    However, in all fairness, she was effective in the US abuse crisis because she could speak from bitter experience there.

    1. Actually she was "effective" because she partnered with a sham non-profit who then partnered with super lawyers who then "donated" to her sham non-profit. Nice salaries those guys got. However SNAP help sex abuse victims like Planned Parenthood does mammograms. Look it up.

  2. Unless the victims are officially working with intrusive Casteix and her cabal, she and SNAP have no authority over the situation on Guam. Kick all of them the hell out of there! The Vatican has always hated SNAP worse than death, so they have no allies in Rome.