Saturday, September 23, 2017


Posted by Tim

I suppose that I should be flattered that our enemies have sought to recruit the services of the fourth largest tabloid in Italy (La Stampa) to do battle with my "li'l ol' blog" (aka JungleWatch). 

I don't wish to engage the lazy La Stampa article point by point. I've been doing that for four years. It's all been disproved, document by document, for the last four years. For those who care to actually do a little research of their own I've made it easy by placing all the documents proving everyone of our claims TRUE and everyone of theirs FALSE in the FILE BOX.

And if you don't find what you are looking for, let me know.

Meanwhile, just know, that if all was well with Apuron, Pius the Putrid and his ilk would have no need to run to a fourth place Italian tabloid. 


  1. The Neos continue to expose the extent they are willing to go to perpetuate their charade. LIE! LIE! LIE! Ann A.

  2. Thanks Tim for presenting all the evidence and truthful facts here for everyone to examine. Unfortunately the Italian article reads as very plausible and anyone needing to know the truth will need to access this file box. What are they thinking publishing this article that can so easily be debunked? The consequences for the ncw are massive if their backers and members discover that they are resorting to outright lies!

  3. Perhaps a desperate last ditch effort to sway decisions in the Vatican as to the outcome of the canonical trial. The fact they chose media biased to the NCW did not help their cause. The truth has already been revealed and there is no escaping all that has been revealed about Apuron, Putrid, and the NCW.

  4. I love how all this documents are from the horses mouths! Nothing was fabricated and kudos Tim for sharing this file box.

  5. Diana must be sitting down with her group trying to find another lie to contest all this documents that you furnished for all to see. Tick tock tick tock