Thursday, October 5, 2017



  1. Seriously, look at these deluded people. Terlaje says:

    "If God has a desire to burn down the church of Guam, He’s going to burn down the Church of Guam."

    God has a desire to burn down the church of Guam..

    Yep. Because God doesn't will the Church. He wants to burn it down.

    And it gets to this point because these NCW are so proud, so arrogant, that they could not even imagine that the NCW might have error in it. And from that arrogance and pride, is the fall.

  2. Once again the trained attorney is totally clueless. She should go back to making babies. At least she is fairly good at that. But give up law and public speaking Jackie. It just makes you obviously stupid.

  3. CIVIL BEAT (CB): The archbishop left Guam less than a week after Quintanilla’s accusation. His lawyer, Jacqueline Terlaje, says he went to Rome to request a canonical process to clear his name and ask that the church appoint someone to assume his responsibilities. Terlaje says Apuron hasn’t returned to Guam since and is “at an undisclosed location.”

    JW: The idea that Apuron would run to Rome to request a canonical process to clear his name is insane. To clear his name, Cardinal Pell of Australia, when confronted with similar allegations, left Rome to return to Australia where the allegations were made. What Apuron needs to clear his name is a civil process. However, Terlaje and Apuron have done everything they can to keep Apuron from having his day in a civil court.

    CB: “There are certain factions in our archdiocese that do not want to follow this bishop,” says Terlaje, Apuron’s attorney. “They do not like this bishop, they do not want this bishop and so they made a concerted effort to get him removed.”

    JW: We only made a “concerted effort to get him removed,” after it became clear that he had made a concerted effort, with the help of this same lawyer, to not only remove two priests, but to assassinate their characters and destroy their priesthood.

    CB: ”If God has a desire to burn down the church of Guam, He’s going to burn down the Church of Guam."
    — Jaqueline Terlaje

    JW: This absolutely comports with everything we have learned of the Neocatechumenal Way from its leadership: that our Church is dead and the NCW is the new Church. And if they can’t have it, they will leave a scorched earth. But yes, God may want to burn down this Church. And Terlaje is defending the man who is the absolute cause of such Divine Wrath.

    CB: Jaqueline Terlaje, Apuron's attorney, says Apuron has been judged guilty without a trial.

    JW: So you mean like Apuron condemned and removed Gofigan and Benavente not only without the due process required by canon law, but lustfully crucifying them in the secular press.

    CB: Terlaje says she’s frustrated with so many people calling for Apuron to be defrocked before his trials have even started.

    JW: Ummm, it was the people calling for Apuron to be defrocked that finally brought about the trial. If there had been no public condemnation, there would have been no trial. Terlaje herself said it earlier that Apuron requested a canonical process to clear his name.

    CB: “It was as if he isn’t entitled to anything, he should not be given any due process rights whatsoever,” she says.

    JW: Yes, just like he denied due process rights to Fr. Paul and Msgr. James, and used his office to threaten John Toves, myself, and the others who had the courage to speak out against him.

    CB: She’s also skeptical that only four people have accused Apuron of molestation. If he were a predator, she asks, there would be more alleged victims, wouldn’t there?

    JW: So Terlaje’s defense of Apuron is that there aren’t more victims. Well there are. There were only four who went public and even they weren’t initially going to do that. Burke’s case number on Apuron had a 2008 date on it, and in investigating Apuron he conducted interviews with people in several places across the United States. There’s more.

  4. Does anyone know if the trained lawyer got elected to head the Bar Association? The Bar would lose its credibility if she ever got elected to lead them.

  5. "BJ"'s testimony really cut to the heart. His poor sick heart and body. It's almost as if he is still a little boy, but no because his innocence was taken from him by Brouillard. I can't help but think of part of the Beatitudes when I think of him:

    Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.
    Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.