Friday, June 8, 2018


(posted by frenchie)

While the island of Guam has had the unfortunate privilege to be the target of a full take over of its Archdiocese by the Sect like " The Way", we have learned, that we are not the only unfortunate victims, of this Judeo-Masonic parasite, who poses as a doctrinal conservative defender of the Church and its values.

Far from being what it pretends to be the NCW is a dangerous Sect which is based on institutionalized secrecy.
The Neocatechumenate Orientation Guide (a volume of 373 pages) paves the way for the responsibles on how to pull the wool over the eyes of their members.
No person that begins through their first step of initiation has any ideas of what lays ahead, on the way to complete their 10 steps (around 20 years) process. Some of the survivors who have left best describe it as proceeding through a series of interconnected rooms that are locked away from each other.

The dictatorial founders (initiators) of the Way, took great care at disguising their goals, in order to gain the support of key people.
(they say pictures are worth a thousand words...... Love the Mussolini chin high, arm crossed, looking in the horizon look of kiko)

This is why, beside putting in place a brainwashing machine unseen since the fall of communism, secrecy is so important. It is also the reason behind the rabid determination of the NCW to control Catholic news organizations, from Zenit to the Vatican Insider, to strong penetration efforts of EWTN, and to cultivate good relations with bought and paid for secular journalists that can put a
positive spin on embarrassing stories to the Cult.

Two key players of this effort are the Genarinni brothers. One in the USA and the other in Europe.
Beside being former extreme leftists in the 70s, they are the scions of their very influential father on the Italian journalism scene. If someone knows spin, it is those two.

One constant thing regarding many of the former members of the way is their fear of talking about their experience. This is more than troublesome at best.

What we have found out, one witness at the time is the perverse system of influence and corruption that these poor people are subjected to. Many talk of no so subtle intimidation, a few are willing to admit to threats. (from financial, to physical, and everything in between.)

On Guam, we were subjected to the ruthless dictatorship of the putrid Pius, who ruled this island's communities and influenced and manipulated the Archbishop, and some local politicians thanks to his connections with the local "catholic free masons" ( a self cancelling term in my book, but one of the local oddities)
Pius, like most closeted men, was particularly extreme at persecuting gay members of the NCW, subjecting them to abhorrent sessions of intimidation and demeaning situations. Yet at the same time he used a cadre of sexual abusers, that he knew he could trust to advance his agenda.
This worked as long as the secret was safe.
Unfortunately for him and his movement, the exposure of his minions for what they really were, spelled the beginning of an unraveling of their charade.

At the same time Pius tried to apply to some of the priests that would not bend to his will, some of the same methods he had used throughout his career to brow beat people in line with his agenda. This is how they came to try to destroy both Fr Paul and Msgr James. As we have seen prior to this, it quickly became the water drop that made the glass to overflow. Pius of course  did it thanks to his stooges Cristobal and Apuron, allowing him the plausible deniability the Neos have become so adept at getting.

Remember: Deny, Deflect, Destroy.....

And destroyed they did. They destroyed  the reputation of countless individuals, they destroyed many marriages, they destroyed many families pitting generation against generation, children against parents, brothers against sisters, friends against friends.
Their main argument always being the same. " You are making your marriage (your family) an idol by allowing it to come between you and God". (by God read the Way)

Why most people would think, that their snake oil salesmen tactics are crude, if you add to the equation their secretive methods and ruthless shooting of any dissenter, (figuratively for the most part). In fact these methods almost destroyed the Archdiocese of Agatna. (the battle is far from over)

We have seen how disrespectful and hateful, their reactions to Archbishop Byrnes have been. We have seen the total disobedience of their presbyters. We have read the hit pieces in their medias against the Archbishop's good name. That in itself is nothing compare to the vicious, vindictive and rabid reactions which have greeted certain reports (all unsubstantiated) against the founder of this site, a few weeks back.
You can take bets that since nothing happens in a vacuum, that we shall find sooner than later that some of these slanders can be traced back to some members of the Barrigada community.

In the meantime, we shall bid our time and respect Tim's request not to get involved further, until the court has ruled on the many painful issues facing him and his children at this time.

I have a strange feeling that this latest attempt at destroying a vocal critic of the Way,might become another drop of water which will make the glass overflow. If we have learned anything over the last 5 years of discovery of the evil in our midst, is that there are always, things people want you to believe, and how different reality is. When it comes to the NCW all bets are off.

St Michael the Archangel, protect us in battle.....