Monday, June 11, 2018


(posted by Frenchie)

What is going on with our infamous crying priest? One can ask that question when facing the litany of poor decisions, poor recommendations to Archbishop Byrnes, and arrogant and moronic steps.
What is happening to Father Jeff? Is the sin of pride blinding him? Or is there more to the story?

Some have suggested that Fr Jeff passage at Father Duenas has fed on is hunger for recognition.
We know he is ambitious, that can be fine, if it is done for the betterment of our situation.
Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case at this time.
More and more, his rubbing of shoulders with the movers and doers of this island, appear to have grown in a sense of what old people call justly a bad case of a big head.

The latest example of his total lack of understanding of a problem and how to solve it, happens to be at the Cathedral Basilica.

One of the first thing Archbishop Byrnes did upon his arrival was to try to clean up the environment of permissiveness that allowed for the catastrophic situation we are facing in regards to sexual abuse, bullying, and abuse of authority by the leaders of our Archdiocese.
Showing good leadership, Archbishop Byrnes reassessed our abuse policies and brought them up to the level of the American Conference of Bishops.
This has been a breath of fresh air. While there are a few signs that some of the school leaders have not all understood the training they had to attend to bring everyone to speed,  The progresses are notable and well received by the parents and parishioners around the island.

So what did Jeff do this time?

It is fairly simple, and should not be rocket science, but apparently our crying priest lacks the common sense you would expect him to have.

Not long before Fr Paul left his post of rector at the Cathedral Basilica, (to be replaced on a temporary basis by Father Jeff, until a new rector be named) he was made aware, that a certain individual among the Altar Servers was acting as a bully and intimidating other servers, and one boy in particular.
Facing this clear cut  violation of the new abuse policies of the Archdiocese, Fr Paul took the appropriate measures to remove said individual, notify the parents, and the chancery.
Everything seemed to be done according to the new guidelines, Father Paul moved on to his next assignment. The Altar servers and the parents seemed to be pleased by the steps taken.

Except for one thing....... The mother of the Bullying Altar server happens to be one person who thinks that she and her family are above the law. She made sure Fr Jeff got an earful about the situation.

What did Fr Jeff do? Counsel the aggrieved mother and use it as a teaching moment?.....
What Fr Jeff did, is to go back to what he does best: make a backroom deal.
His decision?

Reinstate the culprit and punish the victim!!!

 Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen! Bumbling Jeff did exactly what the Evil Adrian did for years!
(BTW Jeff where is Adrian? If you get a hold of him, let him know he is delinquent on his property taxes.)

Of course now, the parents of the victim are fit to be tied, and the mother of the Bully is parading around like she has "the POWER".

In one swift move Jeff destroyed all the efforts of the Archbishop to rebuilt  the trust of parents . For what? Looking good  in the eyes of an influential but very disturbed individual?
Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the Iceberg.

Rumors are, that dear Jeff thinks he can do what he wants. He has made a mess of the upcoming priest reassignment throughout the Archdiocese. Surprise! Surprise!  It involves the Neos as well.
As one of our local lawyers so aptly described Fr Jeff resolve: "he has the backbone of a marshmellow"!

So if you are like me, and think, it is time to find a spot for Jeff that is more in line with his talent of brown nosing, perhaps it is time to start a letter campaign to the Archbishop.

Archbishop Byrnes, the Archdiocese, his brother priests and the faithful at large are obviously poorly served by our new bumbling idiot.