Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Last week seemed to have been quite rocky at the Umatuna  Si Yu'os
The revelations about the lack of reactions from the folks at the KOLG radio station,
regarding the conflict of interest created by their GM, Therese Arroyo Matanane, taking a paid job in the Abortionist advocate Lou Leon Guerrero's gubernatorial campaign,created quite a stir.

The unexplained lack of concern from people in charge, were not mirrored by the general public. Soon after the publication of the two article addressing this issue, on this blog, several local political actors, bloggers and pundits finally started to pick up the ball and go to work on this issue.

Yet in last week paper version of the Umatuna Si Yu'os, it was easy to see the uncomfortable balancing act taken  by the editor of the local Catholic paper.
While front and center was an excellent article written by Marilu Martinez on the life chain that took place the weekend prior, with the participation of hundreds of selfless volunteers, it was juxtaposed by a much less stellar article titled  "Voting with a Catholic conscience", which was notable by its inability to address real issues front and forward, but instead was very vague on almost all issues.
This  last article being what the common man call shooting blanks.

It is notable that in a very unusual election year on Guam, with many turns and twists, we find our Catholic medias being typically wishy wahsy.
The contrast with the faithful who volunteer, their time, effort and money in protecting life from its inception until natural death, could not be more evident.

It is as if our priest were afraid on confronting an evil without equal .
Of course we know well the lack of courage of some of our priests.
While it is greatly disheartening, it does not mean that the laity has to take it lying down.

From the reactions to these revelations, we can see many are doing just that.

What is our low energy Vicar General going to do about it?
We are waiting, but our patience has limits.
Perhaps it is time to start showing some leadership or get out of the way.


  1. I think that most of the clergy are waiting to see what the Pope will do with Apuron..., some are afraid that he will be sent back to Guam.

    1. Hello anon at 1.23, you are most likely right. It proves two things, that the fence sitters remain what they have always been: facilitators of evil.
      This is definitely not what Christ told the apostles.
      Of course the fact that the vicar general is the biggest fence sitter of them all (literally and figuratively) is not helping a bit.
      I guess we will know for sure by Christmas time.

    2. I am praying that He either be helped to get off that fence rail or just plain fall down from it, I never had the confidence in him since I saw him crying during one of his homilies, he is not helping the local "One, Holy Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

    3. You are right on target anon at 2.19

  2. Yeah...I'm one of those bloggers that picked up on this! As a non-Catholic political junkie I have to confess to discovering the extent of the network of that Neo-Cat cult in your church by following your blog.
    I don't know why the island media has not covered a life chain of hundreds, guamblog heard from my readers that there was some kind of pro-life event but had no details.
    In this election year, that is a hot button issue and topical! The relevancy to people of faith and just plain human decency goes without saying.
    The pro-life event was ignored.
    Am I the only one feeling there is a balance adjustment taking place at the societal level? I, for one, am not overly confident that good will tip in our favor...and what comes after by way of judgement.
    But that's just me. A worrywart.

    1. Good analysis. The more the information is shared around, the less all the manipulations and the backroom deals, are possible in the long run.
      Social media in that sense has been a good equalizer. The more people of good will are informed, the less the sycophants of all kinds are able to run their scheme