Saturday, October 13, 2018


A follow up on our story on KOLG's manager conflict of interest.

One might think that the people responsible at the Chancery for the integrity of their offices would take things seriously .
Unfortunately it does not seem to be the case.

Pale Mike, who was just voted best parish priest in the Pika yearly survey, apparently does not have much common sense.
Surely he is a nice guy, but we need leaders, not nice guys.

As the go to, responsible for KOLG, Pale Mike should have asked Therese Arroyo Matanane, the general manager of the island's Catholic radio station, for her immediate resignation, as soon as he was made aware of her decision to take a paid position as Press secretary for the Campaign of Lou Leon Guerrero.

Instead nothing happened.
Even when members of the staff threatened to quit over the issue, the reaction of the Chancery was a lackluster series of attempt at covering their butt.
A first meeting was cancelled at the last minute, and finally when this blog exposed the whole disaster, another meeting was convened, which did not amount to much.

I guess 30 years of Apuron's leadership cannot be wiped out overnight.
The Best thing Father Mike, Tony Diaz (the communication director) and Paul Fisher (the Chancellor) could come up with was that Mrs Mantanane was on a leave of absence.
A leave of absence?!!
This is the consequence of 30 years of corruption at the highest level of our Church on Guam.

We end up with leaders, people that are supposed to aid the Archbishop, and watch for the best interest of the Catholic Church on Guam, who come up with solutions, more in line with the administration of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.
That does not say much for their capacities to manage.
Or perhaps they are too afraid to piss off LLG and her team of Neo advisers.
This my friends is profoundly disgusting.

 Fr Mike, Mr Diaz and Mr Fisher should have gotten a clue from the Pope latest intervention in regards to Abortion.

Instead they chose to let an employee of the Archdiocese simply take a leave of absence, to take a paid position with the campaign of Lou Leon Guerrero, the biggest apologist and abetter of the likes of Dr Gosnell and other disgraced abortionists.
The buddy system of most of the local media, perhaps makes some think, that it is okay.
The cozying up of representative of the media, and powerful members of the pretentious elite of the island, is plain to see, and it is very disturbing.
Perhaps it is time that the leaders of the Archdiocese start leading, instead of trying to please one or another of the elite.
Personally I am a little dubious that we will see this anytime soon.
Watching Fr Jeff doing a Pontius Pilate out of the whole thing, in order to score some political points, does not inspire anyone to trust many of the actual actors.

In the meantime, the Neos are continuing their termite work from within.
Pale Mike being one of the blind one, about this.
I won't tell you the raving comments he made about some of the Neo priest working for him at St Anthony and St Victor. Lets say, they do not show much discernment.

God help us, and God help this island!


  1. :'''( asshole frenchie

  2. Ah! the classical poet....LOL
    I guess when you have no real argument, you have to resort to insults.
    Not the best of arguments.
    Have a blessed Sunday

  3. I cannot believe that our most precious gift from God, an innocent baby, and what happens to him or her in an abortion is not motivating enough or prioritized enough by our clergy to warrant that anyone working for the Chancer or our parishes, must love life to protect these innocent human beings from conception to natural death. We pray for this every Sunday at mass, and we should never stop. These are not just words, they should be our full commitment to life, and when called to act or support, we must answer that call. It's nice to all stand up in a pro-life street protest. But should we not have people working in our Church parishes and chancery fully committed to preserving life also? This cannot be compartmentalized, just because we "like" candidates running for elected offices. This one litmus test, i.e., being pro-life IS a DEAL-BREAKER for support of such a candidate and anyone who supports such a candidate, no matter how nice they may be, or how great they can be at running our government, is complicit with abortion as a choice. There is no choice but life itself. God help us.

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