Friday, April 19, 2019


As I have no interest in what The Diana says or has ever said, I don't waste my time there, but that is not to say that I don't appreciate it when others send me postings which help to advance JungleWatch. 

In fact, I almost wish that I did not have this automatic reflex to vomit whenever I do see The Diana's postings because - since I don't watch TV - I could probably use the comic relief that sometimes the regular TV news can afford you.

Apparently, thanks to Zoltan's letter in the PDN, The Diana once again has her panties in a twist over her blog being characterized as "Neocat blog," or as a "semi-official" Neocat blog as Zoltan characterized it. 

The fact is of course - and this is a point that we have always made - so long as The Diana chooses to be The Diana - instead of a real person with a name (like me), then ALL OF US are free, to not only characterize her blog however we want, but also to name her whatever and whoever we want. 

I choose to name The Diana "May Llanes" because, well this:

And this:

And then when we posted about this a couple years ago, within a few days, we got this:

Actually, Zoltan and The Diana used to be friends:

But while we all may laugh at the laughingstock that is The Diana, I would admonish you to also offer prayers of thanks. 

As I've shared before, The Diana, almost singlehandedly brought down Apuron, and has wrought (though it still may take awhile) the death of Kiko's Heresy. 

Thanks to The Diana, she kept the conversation going after The Father Paul Thing, when there really wasn't anything to talk about, and two years before Apuron's first victim took to the streets. 

In fact, I learned later, that it was the ongoing tit for tat between The Jungle and The Diana that awoke the sleeping monster that Apuron had long since thought he had killed and buried. 

Personally, I want to thank The Diana for pushing The Jungle to nearly NINE MILLION VIEWS. 

Seriously, Diana, we couldn't have done it without you. Oh, and about "the other thing," your time is coming. 


P.S. Just for fun (if you're looking for some) JungleWatch has over 140 posts exposing The Diana, or more precisely, the Agenda of Pius, the Fake Monk. 


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