Wednesday, April 24, 2019


(Posted by Frenchie)

Was last week well publicized fiery cataclysm of Notre Dame of Paris
a divine sign for both the French and the Universal Church?

With the help of 24 hours media coverage, many people were able to witness the destruction by fire of one of the iconic building of western Catholicism: the Cathedral of  our Lady of Paris.
Believers, lovers of the art and tourists alike were shocked that such a well recognized building.
Notre Dame is in fact the most visited building of the Paris landscape with 12 millions visitors yearly.

A sense of awe and despair was felt by tens of thousands of people around the world as people witnessed the expression of adoration,which came to symbolize the faith of the builders of such an exquisite piece of architecture, literally go up in smoke in front of our eyes. 

To most practicing Catholics, the fact that this plague would happen at the beginning of the Holy week, was not lost.
Yet few commented on the fact that the end of Holy week, the beginning of our Year, the celebration of the rising of our Lord Jesus Christ was also marked by another awful event: the Martyrdom of hundreds of innocent worshipers in Sri Lanka. 

Could this be a divine sign, a warning, of things to come, if we continue to not follow the advises of our Lord and Savior? 


  1. Notre Dame is like Guam, Instead of the church burning down The churches are being sold,Notre Dame fire Was by Accident,not like Guam, Torn down by Tim rohr and the jungle, Like to see how much money's going into his pocket ????

  2. How late do realtors work? You aren't showing houses at midnight.
    You might have an evening showing and not get home until 8 or so.
    They do whatever it takes, to complete their jobs. Some do open houses on weekends.

  3. LOL!
    Talk about a fantasy world where you live.....

    "Notre Dame fire was Accident" You sound just like the Free Masons of the French Government one hour into the fire. Even now they have backed down from that canard. Why?
    Firemen first on the scene have testified there were several starting point totally engulfed when they arrived within 10 minutes of the first alarm.
    The lead architect of the "Monuments de France" explained how it was impossible for the 1000 year old massive timber to light up like a match without any accelerant.
    Since then dozens of specialist have testified in that sense.

    "the churches are being sold" The Churches on Guam are not being sold....
    A group of debtors, in the chapter 11 bankruptcy of the Archdiocese, petitioned to add the churches and schools to the assets to be sold. The judge so far has not rendered a ruling. The Chances of him ruling in that sense are close to nil, in view of the jurisprudence in such cases.

    "Torn down by Tim Rohr and the Jungle"
    The Jungle and Tim Rohr are hardly the reason the Church is in the state it is at this time. That is true on Guam, and for the universal Church.
    Apuron, his Neo cadre, mentors and patrons are at the source of the issue.
    The junglewatch is just the whistle blower. You can blow as hard in your hornet, it will not change the facts.

    "like to see how much money is going into his pocket?"
    The ultimate canard....Tim has not received any commission or any other benefits from any "deal" of any kind. How could he? None of the properties for the sale by the Archdiocese are listed with him, nor has he any interest in any of these transactions.
    BTW, so far none of the transactions have been allowed by the court.
    Go back and play in your sandbox.
    Or better yet, go sell your scenario to CNN, they specialize in conspiracy theories.