Thursday, January 16, 2020


By Tim Rohr

Just a short thank you to The Diana for crediting JW for bringing Bishop Athanasius Schneider to Guam. 

If in fact I had anything to do with Bishop Schneider's coming to Guam, I would have been posting about it for months, especially given that he has called out the likes of The Diana as subscribing to a "Jewish-Protestant Heresy." 

However, other than a re-post of CCOG's flyer a couple days ago, not only did I have nothing to do with bringing Bishop Schneider here, I purposely refused to get involved as I did not want to bring controversy to his visit, since ultimately his ability to visit Guam rested on the authority of Archbishop Byrnes to invite him.

The real credit for bringing Bishop Schneider to Guam goes to the CCOG and I can't remember the last time I have been to one of their meetings. 

But while I'm at it, I want to again thank this same Diana for getting rid of Apuron and RMS for us. 

As you may be aware, the only "weight" JW could ever bring to this battle was the number of our pageviews, which you can see are now over NINE MILLION. And I would estimate that a good 90% of those views are due to The Diana keeping the debate alive, as - per her current mention of JW -"she" still is, and once again, driving even more views to JW.

It seems so long ago now, but the whole thing was pretty much dead only a few weeks after the Fr. Paul thing in the summer of 2013. But thanks to The Diana, and with a lot of help from certain clerics in the chancery, JW was given an endless stream of things to fire back at, and fire back we did, which in turn produced tens of thousands of comments.

Ultimately it was the comments which drove the blog as more and more people would tune in just to see the comments, which exponentially drove up our numbers. And with each click up on the counter in the right side bar there was another "thump" of the tell-tale heart 'neath Apuron's bedroom floor.

By October 2013, those "thumps" from our counter began to drive Apuron crazy and he ran to Rome to try to shut me down - a move I learned about when on 10 October 2013 I received a cease and desist letter from Cardinal Edwin O'Brien, then-Grand Master of the Equestrian Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem:

Read more here.

It was when I received this letter from the Vatican that I knew that I was on to something, but still did not know what, because while I had heard rumors of what eventually led to Apuron's demise, I had no knowledge of it and knew no one who did. 

The question was why was Apuron so afraid about my then-little blog, and so afraid that he ran to Rome? I really had nowhere to go for answers but thanks to The Diana, JW continued to grow and the comments came flooding in. And within those comments were increasing references to "the Agat boys." 

The rest is history and I'm no longer interested in entertaining thousands of comments, or - as you can see - even posting. But, via a friend who sent me a copy of The Diana's recent post about JW, I was just reminded as to how The Diana helped JW become the powerhouse it became, and eventually led to the first ever "ridding" of a bishop, not only by the action of the laity, but in the face of absolute opposition from the Vatican, not just by O'Brien, but by the prelate who has now taken his place: Cardinal Fernando Filoni. 

By the way, five years after O'Brien ordered me to stop picking on Apuron, O'Brien was named by Archbishop Vigano as one of the prelates involved in the homosexual cabal in the Vatican (Page 5). 

NOTE: There's a lot more to the Apuron-O'Brien-Filoni connection. And maybe I'll get around to it. Meanwhile, if you have comments, visit the JungleWatch Facebook page and leave them there.