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By Tim Rohr

From China To Rome To Athens, Passing Through Guam. The Ups and Downs of Hon Tai-Fai 

(Our Note: This is an article from Sep. 2017, published via a Catholic news website which goes by the name of Cataluna Religio. The article appears to have the typical Neocat overtones. And because the actual article appears difficult to access without going through a myriad of ads, we printed the original article and uploaded it as a PDF here. The article is copied in full below. JW's comments are in [RED] and our emphases are highlighted in yellow. Also note: the article's date of Sep. 2017 is nearly one year after Archbishop Hon Tai-fai ("Hon") left Guam and was replaced by Bishop Michael Jude Byrnes ("Byrnes").


The announcement is telegraphic, in “L'Osservatore Romano” of this afternoon:

“The Holy Father has appointed as Apostolic Nuncio in Greece H.E. Mons. Savio Hon Tai-fai, S.D.B., tit. Archbishop of Sila, until now Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.”

But behind these three lines is the sending into exile of the only high official of Chinese nationality in the Roman curia.

[Why would Hon, the "only high official of Chinese nationality in the Roman curia" be sent "into exile" so soon after returning from Guam? Could it be that he did not complete the mission he was sent to Guam to do? 

From what we know...he did not. 

Hon was sent to put down the uprising of the lay Catholic faithful in Guam who had had enough of an abusive archbishop and had also had enough of what appeared to be a surreptitious takeover of the entire Archdiocese of Agana by high-placed Neocatechumenal Way operators.

Hon not only failed to put down the uprising, his miscalculation of the laity's concern led to the enactment of a law lifting the civil statue of limitations on sex crimes against minors which eventually forced the archdiocese into bankruptcy after hundreds of clergy sex abuse victims came forward.]

His displacement, which is geographic as well, from second in command of the powerful Vatican congregation “de propaganda fide” to nuncio in Athens is in fact anything but a promotion.

[At the time Hon was sent to Guam, he was Secretary for the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The Congregation had been previously named Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, i.e. "de propanda fide" which was a descendant of the  "Congregation of the Holy Office of the Inquisition." 

And while Hon had no interest in conducting an inquisition into "scandals of every kind" (see below), by, or overseen by Apuron, Hon, at least on his first mission to Guam in 2015 as an "apostolic visitor" (a nicer way of saying "inquisitor") certainly was very interested in conducting an inquisition of certain lay people, including the author of this post. 
When Hon attempted to accuse me of a personal vendetta against Apuron, I held up my hand and stopped him. I then said: "Archbishop. I am the father of eleven children. And as their father it is my duty to help them get to heaven. And I am having to fight against my own Church and people like you to do it."]

Hon Tai-fai had been secretary of the congregation since 2010. And in these seven years he worked actively on the portfolio of relations between the Holy See and China, among other activities participating in the ad hoc committee created by Benedict XVI but not convened again by Pope Francis.

Hon Tai-fai was the point of reference at the Vatican for Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, archbishop emeritus of Hong Kong and an intransigent critic of an agreement with Beijing that would endanger the survival of the Chinese Catholic Church not subjugated to the regime.

A Salesian like Cardinal Zen and a talented theologian, Hon Tai-fai was a member of the international theological commission and edited the Chinese translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It came as a surprise last year when he was sent to distant Guam, in the Pacific, as apostolic administrator, with the task of restoring order to the diocese of the island, devastated by scandals of every kind. 

[There was never any intention by the Congregation or by Hon to do anything about the sex abuse allegations against Apuron or any of the other "scandals of every kind." As the article states, Hon was sent here to restore order. But why send the second in command of one of the Vatican's most powerful offices to "distant Guam?" 
The answer would become clear when the content of a letter from Hon's boss, Cardinal Filoni, was leaked. Filoni, the Neocats best friend in the Vatican, was the wizard behind the curtain, and Filoni probably smelled trouble for his NCW friends if Apuron came tumbling down. So he sent Hon to "distant Guam" to stamp out the uprising.]

Charged with accusations of sexual abuse dating back decades and under pressure from the nuncio, the German Martin Krebs, to tender his resignation “at the pope’s behest,” the archbishop of Guam, Anthony Apuron, a Capuchin and a fervent supporter of the Neocatechumenal Way, flew to Rome in May of 2016, to explain his innocence to Pope Francis, but was not able to get an audience. After returning to the island, he suspended himself and asked Rome to send an apostolic visitor, who soon arrived in the person of none other than Hon Tai-fai. 

[First, we note that Apuron never returned to Guam, at least not publicly. Second, we know that Apuron indeed did NOT suspend himself. And, third, Apuron did NOT ask Rome to send an apostolic visitor. 

Apuron had no authority to suspend himself and Apuron did not request an apostolic visitor (Proof of that another time.) 

The article tells us that the pope would not even grant Apuron an audience. The only "audience" Apuron had with the pope was Apuron's crash of a receiving line for bishops to greet the pope just days after Apuron fled Guam after Roy Quintanilla, Apuron's first accuser, came forward in mid-May, 2016.


[The narrative this article attempts to deliver is right out of the Filoni-Neocat playbook. In fact, the pictures from Rome, showing Apuron desperately trying to get the pope's attention in a receiving line, further angered the Catholic laity and strengthened their resolve.

And there is also the matter of the author of the article characterizing the then-nuncio to Guam as "The German Martin Krebs." This characterization is a certain clue to what is behind the article. 

The underlying objective of the Neocatechumenal Way is the "Jewification" of Catholicism. (Thus, Bishop Schneider has called the NCW a "Protestant-Jewish heresy.") So by making the then-nuncio, Archbishop Krebs, out to be "The German," the idea is for readers of the article  is to see Krebs as the Gestapo, and Apuron, a persecuted Jew.

Given the real suffering of real Jews under the horrors of the real Gestapo, this characterization is pathetic and reprehensible.]

He first ordered the priests of the diocese to resign from their positions, and then proceeded with new appointments that put back in the saddle the priests who had previously been demoted by the bishop and his inveterate adversaries, first among them the former pastor of the cathedral,  James Benavente, with terrible credentials as an administrator, less than exemplary virtues and a flagrantly luxurious lifestyle, and in spite of this a close friend of Filipino cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, an emblem of the new “poor” Church of pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

[The article cites no source for the foregoing. And in not citing its source, it functionally cites its source, i.e. a Neocat operative...or maybe even Apuron himself. The blog/website, where this article was originally published, was in the Catalan language (per Frenchie). How could someone in a remote area of  Europe (Northern Spain) have such inside information as presented in the foregoing paragraph? 
The other dead giveaway is the full frontal attack on Msgr. James Benavente, something we in Guam have come to immediately link to Benavente's most vitriolic enemy. And, no, it is not Apuron. It is a certain Adrian Cristobal - who, per last report, has now been "defrocked" after being a fugitive from the Archdiocese of Agana since early 2017. But that is a story for another post.]

Hon Tai-fai  remained in Guam for five months, until the appointment as new coadjutor archbishop of the diocese - meaning with right of succession - of the American Michael J. Byrnes, who continued working in the same direction.

[There is an attempt here to cast Byrnes as an anti-Apuron operative. But the writers of this article are increasingly giving away their pro-neocat bias. Both Hon and Byrnes were not anti-Apuron. 

Hon (for those of us who lived through it in Guam) did everything he could to hose down the anti-Apuron fire that - by the time Hon got off the plane in "distant Guam" - was already consuming the chancery and burning out the rats.

After Byrnes arrived, it became quickly evident that Byrnes had little idea of what he had signed up for. And the NCW operators launched quickly into action to prejudice the otherwise kindly and peace-seeking Byrnes.]

The price for this upheaval was mainly paid by the Neocatechumenal Way, which had its “Redemptoris Mater” seminary closed and was almost expelled from the island. Curiously, the prefect of “propaganda fide,” Cardinal Fernando Filoni,  is however a great supporter of the Neocatechumens, unlike his then-subordinate Hon Tai-fai, and the events in Guam must have widened in no small part the chasm between the two and hastened the latter’s removal from Rome.

[At this point, this article hardly needs further comment from JW as to its origins and objective: the characterization of both the Neocats and its sainted advocate (Apuron), as meek and helpless victims of "The German Martin Krebs."

Meanwhile, in February of this year Francis sent Cardinal Raymond L. Burke to Guam in his capacity as a canonist, to substantiate or not the accusations made against the self-suspended bishop Apuron. Burke and four other judges, all bishops, will have to make their ruling soon.

[Note Well the FALSE characterization of Apuron as "the self-suspended bishop." Interestingly, the author of this article appears to be simply taking dictation. The author doesn't even know that Apuron, at this point, is not "bishop" but still Archbishop.]

Which, if it should recognize Apuron’s innocence, would again force the diocese into yet another rearrangement, of a character opposite to that set in motion by Hon Tai-fai, who as of today has been sent not very courteously to the modest nunciature of Athens. To conduct diplomacy, but farther than ever from Beijing.

[While this may appear to be an "inside the Vatican" political vendetta against Hon for "screwing up" in Guam, recent news relative to the Vatican-China deal now explains a lot more. 

Hon was a supporter of the anti-communist Catholic Church in China and Pope Francis appears to have recently cut a a deal with the pro-communist "patriotic" church in China in return for billions. Did China buy Francis? 


But if it did, that would certainly explain the NCW sales pitch of "priests for China" - a sales pitch which provided the fund-raising basis for raising millions from the people of Guam to support the local Redemptoris Mater Seminary. 

While we at JW believed the "priests for China" pitch was a fraud, we now admit we were wrong. The Neocat hierarchy, via Apuron and the RMS seminary, really were producing priests for China. 

But it appears that the reason the Neocats had the backing of Francis is because the RMS "priests" were meant for the communist church in China. 

And THAT...explains a lot of things.]

The Vatican’s Unholy China Deal

A Chinese cardinal accuses Rome of dangerous naiveté about communism.

Wall Street Journal. Feb. 17, 2020. 

Note: The Wall Street Journal may require a subscription to read the full article. In the alternative there is this:

Cardinal Zen: 'Parolin manipulates the pope,' and Vatican's China policy is 'immoral'

Catholic News Agency, Mar. 20, 2020

And this:

Did US Bishops Make a Deal With the Democrats, Like the Vatican’s Alliance With China?

The Stream. Aug. 18, 2020


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  2. I believe Schneider's term is "Judaeo-Protestant", a spin on Protestantism that many Protestants have observed. But this doesn't weaken your point here. The NCW is full of "dialectic" and ambiguously implied / deniable reifying / nominalising, pretending to not be legalistic, quaint chic, etc.

    1. Thanks, I wasn't quite accurate. Here is what Bishop Schneider said: "When I speak openly without diplomacy, I have to state: The Neocathecumenate is a Protestant-Jewish[12] community inside the Church with a Catholic decoration only." He uses the word heresy later on.

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  5. I had always been of the opinion that until you cut the tree from its very roots, it will grow again - and come back to haunt you. And while the major operatives of the NCW in Guam are now gone from Guam (Apuron, Samut, (the tall) Quitugua, Cristobal, Hon Tai Fai, and - perhaps of less obvious impact - the influences of Filoni, Krebs, Genarini == the remnants of the NCW in Guam continues to thrive "underground". Unless the present Byrnes takes a firmer opposition against the NCW in Guam - flex his muscles against the NCW - (I guess it doesn't bother him much that the NCW members in Guam continue to give him the finger on the Order to cease and desist) - this Protestant-Judaeo sect will continue. The Laity (I think) has borne its share of the load. The Church Hierarchy has to exercise its role.

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