Tuesday, August 4, 2020


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After posting two stories (here and here) about priests being denied entrance to GMH to administer "Last Rites" to dying patients, something did not seem quite right about the stories, so I decided to do some of my own digging.

The bottom line is that there is no doubt that the current governor's administration is hostile to the free exercise of religion.

"DPHSS neither supports, nor approves any sacramental services..."spouted the governor's health commissar back in April. 

For months, this meant that Catholics were denied access to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and particularly reception of the Eucharist while access to grocery stores, post offices, public transport, etc. was only limited by protocols requiring masks and social distancing. 

So it comes as no surprise that we now learn that "sacramental services," particularly the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick (i.e. "Last Rites") was being denied (and still may be) to dying patients at GMH. 

I say "still may be" because we do not have a clear statement from our local Catholic Church leadership on the matter. And we have an even more unclear statement from GMH, which, rather than issue a statement to clarify the matter, instead, in the person of the GMH administrator, gives a feel-good interview on a local radio talk show wherein the administrator muddies the waters even more. 

Despite the "government-speak" and in between the radio-jocularity, it appears from the interview with GMH Administrator, Lilian Posadas, that the only limitation on clergy visits is to covid patients. 

Aside from the absurdity that if you are dying from covid you don't need "the sacraments," the matter addressed by the two stories appears to involve a non-covid patient at GMH.

So the question is - at least per what Lilian Posadas said just a couple days ago - the "first priest" should have not been denied access to the hospital, but yet he was.

I personally checked with the "first priest." It turns out that while the "first priest" was denied access to the emergency room to anoint the patient, the "first priest" immediately contacted certain personnel at GMH and was able to arrange for the patient to be anointed by another priest, reportedly the regular hospital chaplain - which is exactly why there is a hospital chaplain. 

Unfortunately, both Lifesite News and Church Militant framed their stories more about a certain GMH security guard reportedly losing his job over the matter than the much larger and more important issue, which is the nationwide - if not worldwide - attack, under the cover of covid, on God.

(SATAN never sleeps.)

Mr. Glemann, the security guard who self-reported the stories should be commended for pushing the issue to the fore and perhaps forcing both the government (the hospital) and local Catholic Church leadership to act.

However, why and how he lost his job is still not clear and should Mr. Glemann wish to do so, he can send JW his termination papers (junglewatch.info@gmail.com) and we will publish them here in an effort to assist Mr. Glemann to find both support and justice if he was unethically fired. 

While there is no question that most of our Church leadership continues to hide - just as most did throughout the Apuron thing, the real issue is Guam's Catholic laity. 

It is "we," the laity, who elected to the position of Governor of Guam, the most public proponent of death in the womb. 

There was no secret about LLG's decades of abortion advocacy. And it became even more apparent after LLG was elected, when, pre-covid, finding a doctor to come to Guam to kill more babies was LLG's most noted priority. 

And now we complain that LLG's administration is denying us "sacramental services" in general and "last rites" in particular? 

Where's the disconnect? Catholics of Guam? 

If we have learned anything from "the Apuron thing," it is that we, the laity, the "Catholics of Guam" can fix what we care about. But first we have to stop electing people like the ones we have.

Still a thumbs down to the Nero's who run this place and to those who elect them.

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