Sunday, June 13, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

Following our post from yesterday regarding the Canon legality of the vacuum at the Vicar General post, it seems that the chancery is monitoring this website. (Despite the silence of the communication office)

Fr Jeff San Nicolas apparently intervened earlier today on the Chat group for the Clergy to clarify, the allegation on one of our pages that there had been an incident between the Archbishop and himself.

"Regarding recent information shared about my role as vicar general: the reason for my request to be releaved for personal medical reason. I have been seeing a doctor regularly for the past year. I have never had an argument with the archbishop, verbal or otherwise. The archbishop has never raised his voice to me and I do not recall ever raising my voice to him. I continue to pray for our archbishop and the archdiocese."

This is obviously an internal clarification on the reason for Fr Jeff departure from his previous post.

While we are not a news organization, we take great care to verify our sources. We need at least two different sources, preferably three before we make our info public.

We therefore give you Fr Jeff official perspective, and will take him at his word until proven otherwise.


The fact remain that if the communication office of the Archdiocese, and its director would have made the official point of view known to us, as requested, and as promised by Archbishop Byrnes upon his arrival, Fr Jeff would not have had to make a clarification .

We stand by the information we shared yesterday, and through this release, we let our readers know that Fr Jeff has a different point of view than our sources. Unfortunately we are still missing an official position from the Chancery.

Meanwhile the Legality of the vacuum of the position of Vicar General remain.


  1. Poor Fr. Jeff, still protecting Mike the snake. Stop protecting your verbally abusive friend.