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Actually they never really left, but they had taken a lower profile.

 Since the arrival of Archbishop Byrnes, the subsequent closure of the fake seminary in Yona, the condemnation of the failed and disgraced Apuron, the escape of yet another sexual pervert (Adrian Cristobal) the restrictions imposed (but not followed)  by the Archbishop, the commonly known Neos had gone into a semblance of hiding.

Many assumed that they had learned their lesson, and decided to follow a more obedient way.

Believing this, as many on Guam did, is utter nonsense. This Blog did warned the Catholic faithful, that this appearance of a newfound humility, was in fact a tactical retreat in order to better regroup for a comeback at a later date. The communities continued to meet in private homes, and at their new center in Asan, (when legally possible) often against the decisions of Archbishop Byrnes. Mr Atienza (the lead Cathechumen of the sect) met with the Archbishop often enough to swear on all the saints in heaven that they were following his instructions, knowing full well this was a blatant lie. The followers were told that this temporary setback was nothing less than the type of  persecution, all Neos must expect,in order to be able to go to heaven. Then again, every setback the Neos suffer are always persecution of course.


Dr Atienza (UOG) showing interest for a bat.


While the most well known mouthpieces of the Neos on the island went quite for almost four years. The leadership continued its termite like work in the shadows.


Where are we now in the middle of 2021, while the Chancery appears to be sleeping at the wheel? This is an important question. We are going to try to give you a good idea about the situation we are facing regarding the NCW on Guam almost 5 years after Apuron ran away.

In order to make sense of this complex situation, with many facets fairly hidden from the general public, we will break the situation in several chapters.

*Known NCW presbyters on the island, and their position.

* Absentee Presbyters that are incardinated on Guam, but are not present  here at this time.

*Presbyters on "Mission"

*Recent NCW Presbyters that have visited Guam and celebrated Mass.

*Latest developments. 

The NCW Presbyters that are in charge of a Parish.

Fr Julius Akinyemi Julius, Pastor San Dimas Merizo, San Dioniso Umatac.

Fr Jose Alberto Rodriguez, Pastor Our lady of Mt Carmel, Agat

Fr Antonino Caminiti, Pastor San Juan Batista, Ordot

Fr Krysztof Szafarski, Pastor San Bernadita, Yigo 

Fr Harold C Colorado Prieto,  Parochial administrator San Miguel, Talafofo (as of 7/1/21)

NCW Presbyters in other capacities

Fr Vicenzo Acamparo, Parochial Vicar San Vicente Ferrer, Barrigada

Fr Michael Vincent Jucatan, Parochial Vicar Santa Barbara, Dededo

NCW Deacons

 Dcn Claros Rizal, San Vincente Ferrer, Barrigada

Dcn Andrew Kim, San Andrew Kim, Dededo*


NCW Presbyters incardinated on Guam, that are officially "off Island"

Fr Francesco Asproni

Fr Luis Camacho#

Fr Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira

Fr Pedro Durango

Fr Jason Granado

Fr Aurelius Stoia

Msg David Quitagua JCD#


Retired Personnel

Fr Rodolfo Arejola, retired. In residence St Anthony/St Victor *

Fr Edwin Bushu, retired. In residence St Anthony/St Victor

Fr John Wadeson, retired. Off island

Latest Presbyters to visit the island


Fr Preston Perez was here as recently as June 20th and celebrated mass in Barrigada. This was at the occasion of his graduation from the seminary he went to, after he left the one in Yona. We had been told by the infamous Dr Eusebio at the time that he and Gabe Camacho only needed 6 more months before graduating. It actually took them 4 and1/2 years. So much for Dr Eusebio expertise.



Prior to him both Gabe Camacho, as well as his brother the infamous Luis (cunilingus) Camacho, who was supposed to have quit from the Archdiocese and moved to Qatar, but is in fact still listed as incardinated here, but as "off island"priest; both visited and celebrated mass for the communities.

The point still unclear, being to know if the chancery had given  permission for such celebrations.

Latest move.

Last Thursday June 24th, the now infamous Dr Ricardo Eusebio, aka Crazy Ricky, graced us with a guest column in the Guam Daily Post titled "Another option for the Manamko". In this column the dear Dr.is advocating for the arrival of a new order of nuns to deal with a non existent problem.

As always when Crazy Ricky is pointing to a tree, it is because he does not want you to see the forest behind it. I shall explain a little more in another column. At this point and time, what can be said, is unlike what many people might believe, the NCW is still alive and well and still living on Guam. 


* Asterix denote someone who might not be a full fledge neo, but who has rendered an undo amount of help for them.

# Denotes someone with contradicting information about responsibilities and locations.


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