Monday, July 5, 2021



Fr. Harold , aka boboboy

According to the last Aviso from the Chancery, Fr Harold was supposed to take over as Parish Administrator, in Talafofo's San Miguel Church, effective July 1st 2021

Apparently when the news reached the shores of "God's country" as the locals self describe their beautiful parish, people were not too please, with the arrival of someone that many Catholics consider as a poorly educated (a product of the fake seminary the NCW ran in Yona) and morally dubious character (thanks to his not so discreet "relationship" with the disgraced Apuron) which earned him the moniker of Boboboy.

Whatever the kind of push back the Chancery ended up getting from different quarters, the appointment was then rescinded, without any explanation.

We shall wait to see, what changed the Chancery's mind, or what type of outside scandal attached to Harold (there are several) made the Chancery do such an about face.

Will there be more surprises in Talafofo?

If I was a betting man.......but I am not.

Meanwhile Fr Harold did not seem too disturbed by this set back, as he booked a plane ride back to New Jersey, where he is supposedly attending a "retreat".

Vicious rumors are suggesting he went to see his two old pals, in the NCW's US capital of Newark

The old adage might be right after all:" Birds of the same feathers, flock together"


  1. There is more to this story. Scandal

    1. Yes anon at 11.22, it is a scandalous situation, which could have been avoided, if not for the shameful behavior of the Vicar for Clergy. More to come.......

  2. Looks like mike the snake wanted Fr. Harold to stay close by keeping him at St. Anthonys. Crushing much Miget?

    1. Well anon at 3.07, it seems that this is the rumor going on. At least Fr Harold is a consenting adult, (very consenting apparently)even if both of them are obviously making little about their vow of celibacy, which is a major issue. Specially for a Vicar for the Clergy. Fr Mike obviously graduated up compared to when he was in Merizo and Toto.....What happened to that young man, by the way?
      At least he was a good dancer unlike Harold....vicious, vicious rumors.