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 In my recent post titled 2022, I mentioned the issue of Traditionis Custodes, a document released by the Vatican last summer, which took me a while to read and digest.

This Motus Proprio, is a poorly argumented document which blames the problem experienced by the Church, on the Catholic Tradition. In turn it concludes that the solution is therefore, to rid the Church of said tradition, while trying to switch the weight of this humongous decision on the local Bishops, by a supposed re enforcement of the Bishop's decision making. This is nothing less than the tried and true bait and switch, used by your local use cars salesman.

This of course will lead to more problems than solutions, and present the real danger of a de facto Balkanization of the Church.

If you pair that issue with the new concept of Synodality, which was announced last November by Archbishop Byrnes, we have in front of us, the building up of a perfect storm, or like governor Leon Guerrero calls it a Super Typhoon.


In his message to Catholics on Guam, last December, Archbishop Byrnes broke the news to the general public, that he is launching the process of the synod of synodality for our Archdiocese. 

While this is nothing really new, (we have seen hundreds of dioceses around the world already putting in place the process for such synod) the absence of our Archbishop for several long periods of time in 2021, coupled with the top down, management style of the people he left in charge, do not bide well for any kind of "synodality". Others dioceses have had this issue made public for several months already, with to go contacts and so on. Not here on Guam

Indeed the said process is supposed to have started this past December 7th, and the "communication was posted on the Archdiocese website in late November. This has all the markings of a "lets go through the motions anyway, but we know what needs to be included with our communication to the Vatican."

Synod (coming from the Greek) means traveling or walking together (something certainly not lost on the NCW).

Archbishop Byrnes short history on Guam, is anything, but transparent. As I mentioned in other articles last year, neither the prebysteral council, nor the college of consultants have met in a very long time, despite the clear directions of the Canonical Code. Further while we get the occasional release of a statement, the whole process is murky as hell.

We still do not have a Vicar General, since the departure of Fr. Jeff (officially for health reasons) also in contradiction to Canon law

We have a Civilian Female as a Chancellor in the person of Jenny Shimizu.

Since the Chancellor's role is essentially a keeper of records, this in itself is not impossible, even if it looks like a backroom deal.

A very woke decision, which surprisingly enough did not get the Kudos of Adelup, the Women Chamber of Commerce, or the usual feminist agitators. Yet one remains dubious of the efficiency of such appointment, in view of the personal health challenges facing Mrs Shimizu . Please pray for her.

As for the Special Assistant to the Archbishop, the unsufferable , pedantic and egocentric Fr Richards, who also hold the title Episcopal Vicar,  might still ram through this Synodality before his return to Detroit in July. (now that he has been promised an assignment to a rich parish, rather than the small country one he had been previously assigned to). Since the whole process is supposed to be wrapped up by April, the chances for real consultation with the laity are very, very slim.


(Any similarities with the past situation of Adrian Cristobal, being purely accidental).

Now you have two of the most important changes pushed by the Vatican in the last 60 years, being sneaked below our collective radar, with almost no laity consultation.

Tell your friends, and demand a better consultation at the parishes level.

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