Tuesday, February 22, 2022


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Starting on Monday the 21st of February in the afternoon for a period close to one hour and thirty minutes  Archbishop Byrnes  appearing tired and somber, but trying to put on a happy face took the stand, after he was sworn in by the clerk.

The lead counsel for the creditors started in a polite way (as he seems to do on a regular basis), and immediately presented a series of documents, letters, memos and asking the Archbishop if he recalled reading and/or writing these documents.

The first documents were articles of incorporation going as far back as Archbishop Flores, and several other amended articles of incorporation done by AAA and himself.

Byrnes read every documents intently to see what was put in front of him .

On several occasions Archbishop Byrnes seem to have difficulties reading some of the documents. This was a slow and drown out process.

On one occasion the Archbishop noted that several of the properties listed had since changed ownership.

When asked if he was familiar with the submissions brought by the creditors, Byrnes answered I do not remember.

This was then followed by a flurry of submission of 6 new documents as exhibits with no objection from the defense. 

A letter to the faithful by the Archbishop about the bankruptcy also came into questioning .

While Archbishop Byrnes was confused and lost at times, he also mentioned :"I am not sure what that means" .  

Later Mr Caldie decided to ask about the Vicar General, his role, the Curia... a very strange line of questions since the had been so adamant about not bringing Canon Law in the process, yet he was the one asking for clarification about Canon Law.

This morning Archbishop Byrnes is schedule to continue testifying after Mr Kim the former financial officer of the Archdiocese and a CPA himself.

So far the trial started one hour late, and the sound on Zoom is not working. Perhaps something the Judge can pay attention to since yesterday afternoon the audience reached 50 people on the zoom feed, and that this morning there was already 32 people waiting patiently.

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