Tuesday, February 22, 2022


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During her opening statement yesterday Judge Gatewood told us that there was two sides but one goal.

This was reported by Haidee Eugenio in the Post

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This leads us to ask: is the Judge plain naive? (that would be hard to believe) or is she very sly?

  Why are we asking this question?



Simply because since the start of these official proceedings, it is very apparent that the counsel for the creditors has no interest in finding a middle of the road solution, which would provide the survivors "just compensation", while not destroying the Archdiocese as we know it" with all its imperfections and all its needs for improvement.

It is becoming painfully obvious that the goal of the Hit Team from Minnesota, is to squeeze the lemon as dry as it can. 

Making sure that Canon Law cannot be used as an argument to explain the way an Archdiocese works, while at the same time using questions about canon law (without appearing to) to advance a narrow and deceptive argument . The Church is one..... which is meant in a spiritual way, not in a civil law sense.

Here lies the problem. 

It appears the Judge was sending a warning shots across the bow of both legal team, to let them know this might not fly, while keeping a strong image of neutrality.

Like Sherlock Holmes told Dr Watson: "it is not what the dog did, it is what he did not do"

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