Monday, March 28, 2022


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Following his implementation of his Synod of Synodality, the new Code of Canon law, reorganization of the bodies of government, inside the Vatican, Pope Francis accelerate his deconstruction of the Church under the guise of a needed modernization of the Church at all cost. 

It seems that the disastrous results of modernization of western societies and of the Vatican II do not suffice, and that the reflection that would ensue in any normal organization, has turned into a rush forward, as if the pontiff was afraid not to be able to finish his mission before he is recalled by his maker.

Francis latest Motu Proprio titled: "Assegnare Alcune Competenze"

is turning some of the normal competences of the Vatican to local bishops.

You can read Vatican News 


What is very troublesome is that under the guise of decentralization, the Pope is giving great new opportunities for Sects like the NCW here on Guam to grow unabatted.

Further there shall be a transfer of power from the Vatican to the Bishops in the decision to the reduction of the obligations of masses under Canon 1308.

Finally this will also impact the Mass intentions that a priest can or not celebrate.

Quite a disturbing issue here on Guam where this is a integral part of the fiber of our local Church.

Lets pray that the Chancery will clarify this specific point to assuage people's fears.

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