Wednesday, March 8, 2023


 Posted  by Frenchie

As it is often pointed out, humans have the inherent bad habit of not learning from their own mistake.

Both Tim Rohr and myself have warned our readers for the past several years, of the dangers there are, in underestimating the Neocatechumenal Way.

After a wait of several years, the Neos came back with a bang last night, with their biggest chingding, since they were slapped down by Archbishop Hon, and limited (in theory) by Archbishop Byrnes.

The nefarious and dangerous signore Gennarini, accompanied by the ever sickly Monsignor David Quitagua, Preston Perez, Jason, and Father Arriola all gathered at the Barrigada Church, the long time hideaway of the defrocked Fr Cristobal, and met with their adoring fans, as if this was the second coming of Christ himself.

The crowd was very large.

Deacon Martinez who is officially the Vicar for the Neos, had not been warned, and learned about it through other parishioners, displeased by the event. If Deacon Martinez was not aware, chances are that the Chancery was left in the dark as well.

What is the Vicar General going to do? He is now faced with an open coup in his own courtyard, while our Archbishop is off island on medical leave.

Leave it to crooked Gennarini to recognize a great opportunity to land back on Guam with absolutely no opposition, and demonstrating that the emperor has no clothes.

By trying to be inclusive with the Neos, and being a "good sport" Archbishop Byrnes gave an impression of weakness. Fr Concovar might be a nice priest, but in this case he is way out of his depth.

You better pray for Guam, the great deceiver is back.

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