Sunday, May 7, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Monday is May 8. Five years ago, this day was the last day of my life - at least the one I still had control of.

Even though tragedy had struck myself and my family nearly one year earlier, I still, up until May 9, 2018, had been working with hope to heal the problem. 

But what happened on May 9, 2018, changed everything. 

I've waited five years to tell what happened on that day, and have waited this long because I didn't know how to tell it without further hurting my family. 

However, it's important that the story be known, not because I want to be exonerated (I could care less at this point), but because the evil behind the whole thing is still here - and it's growing.

In researching my archives for how to tell this story, I came across a radio interview with myself and Patti Arroyo on "the day after" (May 10, 2018). 

I'll share the interview and come back later to tell more of the story. 

Note: The above picture of Pope Francis and the newly-bearded Anthony Apuron is sourced from this story by the Catholic News Agency which reports:

The archbishop claimed that this climate of fear and its publicity in the local media hampered the work of the Vatican court in its conviction and "testifies to the presence of a pressure group that plotted to destroy me, and which has made itself clearly known even to authorities in Rome."

I (Tim Rohr) am that "pressure group."

Meanwhile, Apuron compares himself to Christ on the Cross:

I offer my suffering to my accusers and to those who have plotted for my removal: may the Lord fill them with everything they want and pray - Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do."

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