Saturday, January 13, 2024


By Tim Rohr

Once again, I confess that I NEVER bother with the DIANA blog. However, from time to time, others do send me links to posts they think are "Jungle-worthy." 

And perhaps, here's one. 

The DIANA, who claims to only speak for herself and not The Neocatechumenal Way (NCW) - which she constantly speaks for - says - within the current context of the Israel v Hamas conflict - that she "stands with Israel."

As an aside, I stand with the innocent on both sides - seeing that the innocent on both sides are victims of what Bob Dylan once labeled "Masters of War" half a century ago. 

But beyond the current and terrible atrocities committed by both sides, there remains the issue that is at the root of this ongoing agony. 

Contrary to much modern thinking that the current atrocities are simply the latest manifestations of an ancient, ongoing war that we can do nothing about...well, this is not true.

If the reader will permit me to reference the recent scholarly post by Frenchie, the current atrocities are a direct result of the Heresy of Christian Zionism, which not only dates back to the 1800's as some hold, but back to the 1500's and the Protestant Reformation. 

In his post, Frenchie lays out the whole Zionist HERESY. However, for a short course, and if you prefer to just chill and listen, there are these two scholarly podcasts during which you'll get the gist of all this.

But back to The Diana. 

The Diana claims:

"Both the Jews and the Christians are His chosen people. The Jews are known as Old Israel, and Christians are the New Israel."

Diana, at the outset of her post, claims to be speaking only for herself and not "the brothers" (aka the rest of the NCW).

However, Diana's declaration comports exactly with the views of NCW founders (Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández) who clearly championed the rights of the "Old Israel" which include the "Old Israel's" right to the land from which they were cast out 2000 years ago; and which, per European Powers who wanted to be rid of them (the Jews) anyway - created an artificial state (1948) in which to dump them. And Hell has reigned ever since.

Meanwhile, the real import of Diana's post is exactly the "theology of Kiko and Carmen" which is that Israel remains God's "Chosen People," and that Israel shall be granted the "political Messiah" Israel has long expected.

This belief is in direct contrast to the TRUE TEACHING OF CATHOLICISM that Jesus Christ is the MESSIAH prophesied throughout the Old Testament and that THE CHURCH is the "New Israel."


The NCW rejection of this FACT, as again set forth by The Diana, is why Archbishop Athanasius Schneider has defined the NCW as a Protestant-Jewish Heresy.

More to come...maybe. 


  1. If you want evidence that Catholics are the chosen people… Shia LaBeouf just converted.

    1. Here is a follow up to why Catholics are the chosen people:

      Two Rabbis were discussing about their sons when one Rabbi said,
      “You won’t believe what my son did, He converted to Christianity.”
      “What!?!? So did mine! He’s a Catholic” exclaimed second Rabbi.
      “Let’s pray to God for some answers” said the first Rabbi.
      A few moments later, God said, “You won’t believe what my Son did….”

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  3. Ai adai. May I suggest that she reread the entirety of the 11th chapter of Paul's Letter to the Romans from which she quotes?