Monday, December 4, 2023


By Tim Rohr

I don't know enough yet to comment much about this, but the more I study and understand, the more I am convinced that the heresy of Christian Zionism is "the elephant in the room" in everything relative to Israel vs its neighbors since 1948. 

I previously posted a short course on the matter here.

Meanwhile, though, I have begun to question whether Kiko and his clan are Zionists. 

Per Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Kiko's "religion" is a "Jewish-Protestant heresy," but is Kiko-ism Zionist?

In 2012, a certain Rabbi David Rosen gave an address at one of Kiko's seminaries in Boston. In his talk, Rosen extolled Zionism and went on to say:

It is here that the role of educational and formation structures is so important and where the work of the movements, in particular the Neocatechumenal Way, has become so critical. As one of the most powerful Catholic movements...

Rosen bolsters his argument for the Catholic support of Jewish Zionism with several references to the words and actions of recent popes. 

However, probably due to his audience at the time (Kiko's), Rosen conveniently leaves out a devastating commentary by then-Pope Benedict XVI.

I'll probably come back to this - given its prominence on the world stage. But for now, feel free to educate I educate my own self.

Note: While preparing to publish this post, I received a message from a knowledgeable confrere re Kiko's history. It was this:

Kiko is from a converted Jewish family, that never abandoned their original beliefs. Conversos.

That could explain a lot.


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  1. Zionism is the root of all evil going around the world, from Soros instigating wars and chaos everywhere, then we have Netanyahu commiting mass crimes in the name of the greater israel,, We have zionists like the rothschild family who control the USA behind the courtains, using its military power to make wars with everyone who opposes their centralized banking system... and the list can go on!