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Not long after the end of Vatican II, Pope Paul VI, made is now famous remark in 1972 : " Satan's smoke has made its way into the Temple of God through some cracks". The Pope had been made aware in 1974 of a very grave danger, after evidences were presented by two cardinals Dino Staffa and Silvio Oddi:  which alleged the infiltration of the Vatican by a cabal of undercover Free Masons. Faced by this harsh reality, in 1975 he gave the French Canadian Archbishop Gagnon a pontifical visitation, with the goal to identify and quantify the threat, in a report. The Archbishop started his task with zeal, helped by a cadre of devout clerics. His thorough investigation concluded in 1978, also known as the year of the three Popes. 

 Gagnon had joined the Vatican as VP of the Council for the family in 1973, then as President in 1974. He became a Cardinal in 1985, and died in Canada in 2007, taking with him many of the secrets he had uncovered.  He gave his report to Pope Paul VI, but by this time Pope Paul, was already tired and sick, therefore he asked Gagnon to keep the report and give it to his successor. His successor John Paul I, took the report extremely seriously, and was getting ready to take practical steps, when he died suddenly and mysteriously after a little over 30 days in power. Finally for reasons still unclear to this day, John Paul II who was very found of Gagnon, failed to take adequate steps, after he was given the report. Two of the most influential Cardinals in the Vatican: Cardinal Anibale Bugnini (Secretary of the congregation for Divine Worship) and Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio (prefect of the congregation for  Bishops) were identified as being active members of the Free Masons. This was extremely serious since the two controlled the Theology of the Church and the appointment of Bishops around the world. (note that Apuron was selected by Baggio)

Canon Law 2335: Any Catholic- Lay or Cleric- who enters Free Masonry incurs automatic excommunication.

The Church, prohibited Catholics from membership in Masonic Organization or other Secret societies, as early at 1738.

Since then, more than 11 Popes have re-enforced the incompatibility of Catholic Doctrines with Free Masonry. The most recent Holy See communication on the subject dates from November 2023, just one month after the Synod on Synodality of October of that year. Such a rapid reaction by the Vatican is very rare, and can certainly be tied up to the very strong boomerang effect experienced by the modernists during the Synod, coming from the Asian and African members of the Church.

Only one member of the investigative group led by Cardinal Gagnon is still alive and he released recently  an explosive book, Murder in the 33rd degree, the Gagnon investigation into Vatican Free Masonry . Fr Murr is the sole survivor of that commission and lives in the USA. Fr Murr was a close confident of Cardinal Gagnon, and a friend, who along with Monsignor Mario Marini helped compile the report, and knew about many details of the background jockeying and twists of the drama. The veracity of his detailed book was confirmed by the well known and well regarded Vatican historian, Professor Roberto de Mattei.

What does that have to do with the Church in Guam? Well all this has a lot more connections to Guam that one could imagine. Let me explain.

As noted before Baggio selected Apuron....

Last summer I wrote a detailed article on this blog about the Synod on Synodality, after being questioned by several fellow Catholics here on Guam  that were puzzled and confused about the lackluster meetings in the parishes on that subject, and what appeared to be an exercise which outcome had been decided in advance by people in Rome. You can find this article in our archives, on 08/28/2023.

I also noted that Guam had a single delegate to the Synod, in the person of Sister Angela Perez (RSM) which was very unusual for such a small population as ours. In fact her appointment was tied to her very close proximity of thoughts  with the modernists in Rome about Gay marriages as well as her radical positions on the women's role within the Church. Basically Sister Angela was chosen to advance something the modernists had already ruled on. I wrote: " Concerning women, they could benefit of new responsibilities and ultimately be able to become Deacons. The request has already been filed officially with the Vatican". In fact Sister Angela had embraced with enthusiasm the working document released by Pope Francis "instrumentum laboris", which had raised many questions and concerns by bishops and clerics around the world.

This Synod on Synodality became so controversial, that even with handpicked participants like Sister Angela, the pushback from the Clerical world was so strong that many issues were put on the back burner , and Francis was forced to clarify many issues like the Freemasons within the Church, which have been the main facilitators of the modernist wing in the Church and the protectors of the so called St Gallen Mafia (the small but extremely influential cabal of modernist who brought us Pope Francis). De facto the rot at the head of the Church.

[As an apparte here on Guam, a very influential local politician who pretends to be Catholic, but is also a member of the Freemasons was outed as such, but was never sanctioned by the Chancery, despite his pro abortion stands: Senator Joe San Augustine.]

Unfortunately, as we have been warned repeatedly "the devil never sleeps", and the termite work in our archdiocese continues unabeted. Despite the blowback suffered in October, Sister Angela came back to Guam with a mission: namely to give the appearance that Catholic women on Guam agreed with her  radical agenda of profound doctrinal changes.

In order to do so, the Synod prepared a document of "Individual preparation", as a tool to massage some of the sore subjects opposed by a very large part of the clerical Church. Several points have been highlighted in order to be addressed.

With this in mind Sister Angela has contacted the Group "Christian Mothers" for meetings with her, in order to work on issues she has deemed important.

She has highlighted one issue only Chapter 9 Titled Women in the life and mission of the Church.

Each parish group of "Christian Mothers" is supposed to delegate 4 individuals for these work sessions.

This Chapter 9 has 19 different sub titles which are supposed to be addressed.

Ladies have been forewarned that they must hurry to work on these documents, because there is a deadline to meet. This approach has made many of said ladies very uncomfortable to say the least. Why address only the women issues? Why pushing  for the Diaconate for women? Why giving such a short time period to address such earth chattering issues? These are only a few of the questions raised. My concern being why is Sister Angela given free rein on this issue? Has the Apostolic Delegate given his approval to this peculiar process? Why are the pastors of the parishes not involved in this process?

The old saying tells us: "if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is a duck.

Sister Angela is definitely not acting in good faith, and is trying to manipulate a process  that should be transparent. Why hiding this whole issue? These methods are very Freemasons like and should worry every Catholic on Guam.

When we look at the fruits generated by RSM at the Academy, we should all be concerned about the agenda of Sister Angela and her modernist/Freemasons handlers.

St Michael protect us in battle.....


  1. Have the RSM's had any postulants or novices recently? No? Does angry radical feminism and moral relativism attract women inclined to live the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience in community while serving the poor? Maybe not.

    1. You are very correct Chuck, and there lies the core of the issue. This is exactly why I titled the column, the rot on the inside. The devil sneaks in through the smallest of crack. His most common tactic is to use the misplaced pride and fame of the potential sinner. There are so many example in Guam of that moral corruption. Very few priests ever talk about that, most just go along for the ride. Which means that very few priests take the saving of the souls of their faithful seriously. Shining the light on the cockroaches is the only way to scare them away. Thank you for all you do.