Tuesday, October 29, 2013


"Tim Rohr" was recently "credited" (blamed) by someone we'll call for now "a chancery official" for linking the removal of Fr. Paul Gofigan as pastor of Santa Barbara parish with his resistance to the institution of the Neocatechumenal Way in his parish.

Facts SHOULD matter...especially for "a chancery official."

The  FIRST instance of this  link was made by radio talk show host, Patty Arroyo, on radio station K57 on July 23. I simply blogged the instance of it and you will find no reference of mine before that.

However, I was soon attacked for doing so, and thus began a series of posts about the Neocatechumenal Way and ever increasing attacks from some of its members. (One wonders what they have to fear and why.)

In addition, the same "chancery official", in the presence of several members of the clergy, slanderously called Patti Arroyo my "accomplice". This will come as a surprise to her. (I'll make sure she knows.)

Such insinuations, slanderous allegations, and groveling in gossip are a serious discredit to the perpetrator, given his status - not to mention a great cause for sadness - and open wide the doors to recourse.

Expect it to be pursued.

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  1. I read your post on the “Chancery Official” and how Patti Arroyo has become your “accomplice” on the observations posted of the NCW. First, if anyone has ever met Patti Arroyo, she is no one’s accomplice. In fact, it is usually the other way around. People want to be an accomplice of her!

    Second, I do not know the details of what that Chancery Official said about you and Patti, but if you say they are slanderous, and for someone who has been in the forefront of controversial issues such as abortion and thus is intimate of what slander is, then what was said must have been bad, if not slanderous.

    Third, it would be interesting to know if Monsignor Arroyo was one of those clergy present. Patti is his niece and one wonders what he thinks of that Chancery Official now, as Monsignor knows that his niece is anything but an accomplice!

    I have some knowledge of the Chancery, how it functions, and its current occupants, and I am sorry to say that there is a blurred line of distinction between fact and fiction in that domain. Thus, I am not surprised at all on what happened.


    A Very Concerned Catholic