Friday, April 24, 2015


Yesterday, St. Thomas Aquinas Highs School parents and students began receiving word from the school's principal that the school will close at the end of next month. 

The reported reason is not enough enrollment and revenue.

Understand that every dollar we give to Apuron's "children" over at RMS is a dollar we don't have to give to our own parishes, schools, and the future of our own children.

Take the money that Apuron has spent jetting about the world with his newly ordained presbyter pets and throw in the big bucks he just spent on that Denver law firm, and we probably could have kept the school open another year.

It costs nearly a million dollars a year to keep RMS running.  And FOR WHAT?

Immature boys who tell us they are "sick of our culture" (actually was said), scream at us unintelligibly from our pulpits, give us a hard time burying our dead, and then help themselves to our daughters.

Well screw that!

Make no mistake. This is revenge for the damage we have done to the future of RMS by withholding funds from the Appeal. 

And since Msgr. James was involved with founding the school, it is no doubt another attack on his reputation and legacy, which also explains why the assistance of many who offered to help keep the school open was refused. 

Apuron not only did not have the decency to try and work out a solution for the school with its stakeholders, he neither had the decency to speak to the parents and students himself about his decision to close the school.

Just another damn decree.

And no contingency plan for the students. No plan to integrate them into the other schools. They're on their own. Get out of here. 

Meanwhile, pizza and travel for his RMS boys. Oh, and big plans are being made to celebrate AAA's birthday as a fundraiser with a goal to raise $300,000. 

Guess where the money is going. Make sure it's not yours.

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