Tuesday, October 8, 2013


From The Esperansa Project
October 7, 2013

Dear Friends of the Unborn,  

Right on cue!

In our last newsletter we stated:

NOTE: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND SUPPORTING BILL 191-32 as introduced by Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. Even though Senator Aguon's bill attempts to do the same thing as Bill 193-32, it erroneously eliminates the whole of Section 4. This could easily create a legitimate opportunity for opposition to the bill ONCE AGAIN sinking our very long attempt at implementing informed consent legislation. 

Right on cue, the opposition showed up. 

In her testimony to oppose both bills, Attorney Anita Arriola states:

"Bills 191-32 and 193-32, which would delete section 4, undermine the purpose and intent of the law."

Of course, only 191-32 deletes the whole of section 4 and 193-32 leaves intact the important provision requiring the printed materials and checklist certification to be reviewed and approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. 

To read my full response to Ms. Arriola and my letter of support for Bill 193-32, go here.

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Tim Rohr
The Esperansa Project

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