Sunday, October 6, 2013


I've taken more than a bit of criticism for my questioning of some of the things Pope Francis has said recently. As you can read, by clicking on the tab above, none of what I've said has been hostile or unfounded. But, nevertheless, some think that any questioning of a pope is disrespectful if not disobedient.

I'm not complaining. In fact, I find the criticism amusing: BECAUSE I am doing exactly what I was taught to do by my Jesuit educators and pastors. Talk about Karma!

At Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, the new conservatism of John Paul II (this was 1978), was openly impugned and mockingly derided.

In 2003, while visiting the campus, and with John Paul II visibly ailing, I met up with some former teachers still at the campus who proudly admitted they had long been praying for John Paul II's death so the church could get on with the revolution and get around to ordaining women. 

During Benedict's pontificate, my LMU Alumni magazine featured so many stories subtly hostile to the Magisterium that I begged them to stop sending me the stupid thing.

And at a meeting with a Jesuit priest friend a few years ago during which I questioned him as to why he and others played fast and loose with everything from moral teaching to liturgical practice, I was told very plainly that: "disobedience in the church is the path to progress." 

So now that a Jesuit is Pope, I am simply applying 30 years of Jesuit "training" to the Jesuit in Rome who speaks very much like my Jesuit professors and friends. (I still consider them friends.)

It's rather cathartic, actually. In fact, the Pope himself has instructed us to "make a mess". Let us join him. Here's his latest:

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