Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I just posted the following on my Facebook page. 

Not sure. Maybe it's just the stormy weather that has me in a philosophical mood. But I hereby have decided to unfriend Zoltan and block him from these pages. Here's why.

Zoltan is a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. Almost everyone I know in the Way is a good person, sincere, truly seeking a deeper relationship with Christ, and overall, very good people. In fact, I deem the Way to be a very good thing with many fruits. The Way does what the parishes have long failed to do: find the little and the lost and bring them in. 

This is good. Shame on us who have overlooked the hurting, and praises for the NCW for having done what the rest of us have failed to do. I gave a long account of my praises for the NCW in 2008 which you can find on my blog at It remains one of the most oft-viewed posts. 

There are only a few things about "the Way" that I have an issue with, and one of those things is really just a local problem (which I'll get to another time). Most in "the Way" are willing to engage me politely or quietly ignore me. Both are acceptable. I do the same for many of my Facebook friends with whom I disagree on other matters but desire to remain friends. 

However, Zoltan, by the viciousness of his attacks, insults, slander, and an artifice of superiority, is a real discredit to "the Way" and the most of the good people in it. It is not fair to them to continue to let him smear the rest through his ill-use of my pages. 

I continue to disagree with some of the practices of "the Way", and will continue to voice my concerns. I will also continue to entertain intelligent inquiries into my views and my own inquiries. 

Perhaps someone in "the Way" who would like to engage my concerns on an intelligent level will rise to the occasion. Maybe not. It's not necessary. The Way will continue. I have no means of interfering or stopping it, and I don't intend to. 

Like many, I have legitimate questions about what seems to be being imposed upon our island with increasing aggressiveness. The Father Paul "thing" brought this out. But it brought it out in the media first. I only responded to it. 

However, it appears that even the mere questioning of the NCW is not allowed by people like Zoltan. And anyone who does so, at least according to Zoltan, is in need of conversion. And in my long experience of dealing with this sort of thing, I have found that those who preach to you about your need for conversion are usually the ones most in need of it. 

My only regret in unfriending Zoltan is that he has thus far provided us so much evidence for what most of us knew but had no first hand information of, and I am sure there is much more we could have learned. But as mentioned, as a courtesy to the good people in "the Way", there is no point in allowing him to defame the movement even more. 

Let us persist with real friends: people who care about you enough to disagree politely and intelligently or to quietly ignore you. Both are acceptable. And I have many. 

The End.

P. S. No Anonymous posts about the Neocatechumenal Way will be accepted. Have the courage of your convictions to identify yourself. Anonymous posts on other matters are okay, unless you want to attack me personally.  Then identify yourself. But really, the better thing to do would be to just start your own blog and attack away. 

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