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KUAM: According to Father Adrian Cristobal Archbishop Anthony Apuron had and still has every intention of meeting with Fathers Tom McGrath, Jeff San Nicolas,  Mike Crisostomo, Patrick Castro and Gus Gumataotao. The five priests as we reported wrote a letter to the archbishop dated August 4th. 
LIE! The Archbishop had no intention of ever meeting with these priests until I posted their letter on this blog and it made news. He had the letter for over a week and there was not a word of any intent to meet. There was no intent to meet because the Archbishop had been caught red-handed in another lie and there was no way his word could stand up to the word of these 5 priests.
KUAM: According to Father Cristobal however, he tells KUAM today that the archbishop explained in detail the serious situation that the archdiocese found itself to the Presbyteral Council during that july 25th meeting and he told the council clearly that he was going to take action.
LIE! The Archbishop LIED to the Presbyteral Council. The evidence of the "serious situation" "explained in detail" to the Presbyteral Council were the issues noted in the letter from Deloitte and Touche dated January 8, 2014. 

As explained by Mr. Art Ilagan, Mr. Joseph Rivera, and Mr. Rick Duenas, the men tasked to address those financial issues, all of the issues but one had been addressed and resolved by June 2014, a full month before the Archbishop "explained in detail the serious situation" to the Presbyteral Council, with the last one to be addressed on or before August 15.

And, as Mr. Joseph Rivera explained to the media in a press conference held on the steps of the Cathedral on August 6:  
In fact, the archbishop himself in a letter dated June 26, 2014 addressed to Monsignor James, a mere 6 weeks ago, acknowledged that much corrective action has been accomplished. In that letter, the archbishop, based on the recommendations of Deloitte & Touche, instructed Monsignor James to have the Financial statements ending June 30, 2014 ready to be submitted by August 15, 2014. As we all know, Monsignor Benavente was never given that opportunity, as he was removed on July 31, 2014. 
Based on our review of the financial position of both the Cathedral Basilica and the Catholic cemeteries, it is our professional opinion that the allegation of financial mismanagement was not supported by the facts and perhaps there were other underlying reasons for Monsignor Benavente’s removal from both of these entities.
So the TRUTH is, the accounting problems noted in the January 8 letter from D & T no longer existed on July 25 when the Archbishop addressed the Presbyteral Council, and he himself had admitted so in his letter of June 26 to Msgr. James. 

The January 8 letter from D & T was dishonestly used by Archbishop Apuron to fake the Presbyteral Council into supporting his so-called corrective action, when corrective action had already been taken by Msgr. James himself. 

Here is the timeline for the corrective action initiated by Msgr. James after receiving the D & T letter of January 8, and here is an explanation, point by point, of when each  issue was resolved - and all before the Archbishop's meeting with the Presbyteral Council on July 25.

If all the archbishop wanted to do was reassign Msgr. James, then he only had to reassign Msgr. James. There was no need to go to the Presbyteral Council with this stack of lies. As Fr. Cristobal says, the Presbyteral Council is only advisory and their consent is not needed by the Archbishop for administrative decisions. 

So why did he go to them? Because, after the Fr. Paul firing fiasco, he knew there would be a backlash to his firing of Msgr. James and he wanted to use his so called meeting with the Presbyteral Council and the College of Consultors as cover. He just never expected any of these priests to stand up and say he lied. But they did.

• Archbishop Apuron lied when he used the January 8 D & T letter as evidence of his urgent need to take corrective action - when corrective action had already been taken and he had himself officially recognized this fact in writing.

• Archbishop Apuron lied when he used the meeting in the context of his press statement explaining his reasons for firing Msgr. James. 

He lies. He lies. He lies. And so does Adrian. 

These constant lies are a great insult to the Catholics of Guam. The Archbishop and his crew must think that we are all very stupid and that we can be rolled just because they wear robes and collars. They are wrong. 

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