Saturday, December 14, 2013


The following comment can be found here. My response is in [brackets in red].

Tim has brought up problems within the NCW that need to be fixed and according to his records have been ignored for some time. When will this happen? Just as someone mentioned, Rome is slow. In the same manner, the NCW is probably deciding on a way to best handle this delicate issue. Delicate because it has helped people so much, to change in an instance is not good.

[The NCW was simply ordered to change its practice. The directive was given on 12/1/05. It is now 12/14/13. We can hardly call that "change in an instance (sic)." Sorry, but the NCW does not get EIGHT years to decide how to handle this "delicate" issue. The Statute is what it is. The leaders of the NCW decided not to comply. But the truly evil thing is that they led the members to believe that they were in compliance. This was a lie. A premeditated lie. Even if you change your practice now, you can't change the fact that your leaders, for 8 years, have chosen to disobey Rome and LIE. You now need to ask "What else have they lied about?"] 

Other than the issue(s) that Tim has revealed, I believe all the others really need to stop and think about what they are saying and how their accusations have no validity. Its all hearsay. Hearsay kept me away from experiencing the NCW for years.
I good point was mentioned as to the approach that many are choosing to take with their criticisms of the NCW. We must also stop referring to eachother as belonging to different faiths. We are all Catholic. 

[No, we are not all Catholic. Some of us follow the pope, others follow Kiko. This is the central issue. Nothing else matters. I have clearly demonstrated - and can provide further evidence - that this is the case. The priest who wrote me clearly stated that he was "satisfied" with Kiko's instruction, even though it violated Pope Benedict's own instruction and his repeated wish that it be obeyed. This places you outside the Catholic Church - ESPECIALLY because it involved the celebration of the Eucharist.]

I posted a comment earlier in regards to Tim referring to my actions as being like "docile bag of potatoes" that all I do is listen to Kiko. This is just one misconception of the NCW, that is not true. Although I disagree with many of Tims comments I have yet to refer to him in this manner. That was the turning point for me.

[Since you choose to be "Anonymous", I obviously don't know who YOU personally are. So how can I refer to you personally at all? If you had the courage to use your name then maybe you could accuse me of what you do here. But for the record, the "docile bag of potatoes" refers to anyone who does not educate themselves, in the neo or not. However, due to the special nature of the neo - as evidenced by the fact that a statute was required to govern your existence and practice - there are differences and allowances that separate you from the rest of the church. It is your duty to know what those are and whether or not the group you have joined is in compliance with those. It is not. And now you are complicit in this disobedience.]

What I dont understand is that Tim has repeatedly counter attacked my comments more than any other. Is it that he thinks Im from Agat, his town Parish. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am not from Agat. Ive repeatedly shared that I am not in here to attack Tim. In actuality most of the frustration comes from reading other comments not posted by Tim.
I havnt seen my comment from earlier this morning, and I can only assume that Tim is going to use it for his next batch of secrets of the NCW.

[As the reader can now see, this commenter is getting progressively incoherent. How am I to know that I have attacked him/her "more than any other when 99.9% of the comments on this blog are by "Anonymous" as he/she has chosen to represent himself. And what does Agat have to do with anything? SMH!]

I have had many bad experiences from other movements in our Archdiocese but have I quit? No. I have had many troubling experiences with Clergy but have I lost respect for them? No. These things are little compared to the great spiritual gain I have acquired because of these experiences.

[Many can testify to great spiritual gain by joining the Buddhists or the aforementioned church down at the abandoned gas station. What we are dealing with here is the leadership of the NCW which has openly chosen to place itself outside the Church, and then LIE to its members about it. Rome spent years crafting the Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way and has gone to great lengths to charitably support your mission. And this is the thanks they get? i.e. "Screw you, we'll do whatever the hell we want." If you think this is a harsh rendering of that attitude, then I will post the audio of the Archbishop's comments on KOLG and you can hear that attitude for yourself. Don't forget, I have more to say about that episode.]

Although it is not my intent, maybe I am of no use in here. I came in here to try and inform everyone that the NCW is not what they think it is. I now realize that I have not accomplished anything.
Peace be with you this Advent Season! Maranatha!

[Funny. He/she basically calls everyone else a bunch of dunces because he has not been able to educate us, but hey "Peace be with you." Typical.] 


  1. Thank You Tim for finally posting my comment. I guess my intuition was correct, you would hold out on it for another time.
    I admire the special time you have taken to dissect my comment and look at each section. You didnt have to do that, it was plain an simple.
    I also see how as simple as it was you still decided to take my comments and amplify what apparently is not my intent.
    When you told me, "take it to your leaders in Agat", and then just recently you told me about the "old gas station now turn chapel(victory)", to me it meant that your were guessing I was from Agat.
    You referring towards my offering of "Peace be with you" as TYPICAL leaves me a bit troubled to see you as a Christian Man acting in this way. I offered it to you freely and wholeheartedly. I guess you dont need it or even want it.
    Peace be With You!
    I guess I should take the advise of another comment and just take this to prayer. We need a miracle to change our hearts.

    1. Anonymous,

      Are you blinded by the darkness??? Do you not see how corrupted your brain has become since joining this Protestant movement??? And yes, I am claiming it is Protestant! If your "celebration" "sermon" "witnessing" is held OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WHERE THE TABERNACLE IS NOT IN PLAIN SIGHT...then I am sorry to break the news to you... it's not catholic at're just "borrowing" the name! Please be like all the Protestant movements when they tried to REFORM the Catholic Church and just quietly leave and go BUILD your Kiko and Carmen church and leave us regular and TRUE CATHOLICS alone!

  2. Hi Maria Rose!

    In response to your comment...
    "If your "celebration" "sermon" "witnessing" is held OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WHERE THE TABERNACLE IS NOT IN PLAIN SIGHT...then I am sorry to break the news to you... it's not catholic at all..."

    Maybe you havnt read this but here it is....
    According to the GIRM
    "The revised General Instruction of the Roman Missal states that it is more appropriate that the tabernacle in which the "Blessed Sacrament is reserved not be on the altar on which Mass is celebrated."98 The bishop is to determine where the tabernacle will be placed and to give further direction. The bishop may decide that the tabernacle be placed in the sanctuary apart from the altar of celebration or in a separate chapel suitable for adoration and for the private prayer of the faithful."

    Yep, that's right!
    The tabernacle does not need to be in plain sight of the celebration in order to be considered CATHOLIC.
    With your Comment, You've now proclaimed Santa Barbara Church as a protestant church, as with the others who have a Chapel for the Tabernacle.

    Pope Francis has also stated that we should get out of the churches, go out into the streets, the squares and proclaim the Good News to those outside.
    So in other words you are now saying that the Pope is telling us to go ahead and be Protestants.

    It is sad that you are telling me to leave the church and go build a church with Kiko and Carmen.
    Just sad but I forgive you.

    Anyways I just visited a "Neo-Parish" down south that apparently still has and I believe is the only parish to have a "24hour Eucharistic Chapel", go tell them that they are Protestant too. I believe the chapel was in established before the parish was so called claimed as "neo" but hey the "neo-pastor" could have stopped it.......but 5years later its still there.

    1. There is nothing wrong with a 24 hour Eucharistic Chapel, as long as someone is always there praying. I am not a Neocat but wish that I had a parish who had a 24 hour Eucharistic Chapel. I find so much peace and comfort when I am before the Blessed Sacrament.

    2. Dear Anonymous of Dec 17 at 8:55pm
      I was just pointing out how that parish goes against all the stereotypes of the NCW.....Indeed it is a great thing to have a 24hour Eucharistic Chapel, if my memory is correct the parish has been doing it since it was built in 2002, every hour there is a person present and praying. God Bless that "Neo" Parish.